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Chris Goss 15th September 2019 19:44

A bit of a puzzle?
I would love to know the story about this. BofF, I./KG 76 but no idea of where or when. It would appear to have been a ground collision but I have failed to date it. Any suggestions?

Eduardo 15th September 2019 23:26

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
The propelers of both aircrafts appears to be intact. Both planes were stands on itís landing gears and covers with plants to hide them so I would guess that they were distroyed by itís own crew.

edwest2 16th September 2019 00:25

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
The aircraft on the right appears to be resting on its belly.

Snautzer 16th September 2019 13:41

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
tank is i think a Renault R35. Not beute because cross is missing

RudiS 16th September 2019 14:00

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
I'm not sure this is a ground collision at all. Could be an assembly area on a forward airfield (Absprungplatz) for belly or crash landed aircraft. The tank could be used to drag them over there. On normal home bases they would have repaired these aircraft but on forward bases they would only have the necessary personnel to arm and fuel the a/c and do small minor repairs.

rof120 16th September 2019 14:23

A scrapyard?
Rudi could be right.
I feel it could possibly be a scrapyard (perhaps at its beginning), a German or a French one.
Damage to AC is often much worse than we can see at first sight. These Do 17s could be 60-80 % damaged, who knows.

schwarze-man 16th September 2019 15:30

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
It is an interesting picture. I guess there are quite a few possible reasons why but, I also suspect that a semi prepared forward strip for tactical medium bombers would expect to have quite a few damaged aircraft and it could easily be a few of them would be on their belly. :(
Further real info about the pic would be great though! Cheers


Chris Goss 16th September 2019 15:36

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
Here are some more photos; you can understand why I am interested to know more!

rof120 16th September 2019 16:30

No insignia ?
On both Dos I can't see any insignia. Isn't this odd?
Do 17s suffered heavy losses in particular at the hands of French fighters. Perhaps the German ground crews hadn't the time to paint insignia on replacement aircraft. So perhaps both these were replacement AC sent to some KG.
What we see could be a French scrapyard (containing German aircraft (too) overrun by German troops or a German oneÖ
The French tank was obviously lost by the French.

Chris Goss 16th September 2019 16:43

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
Both aircraft have the KG 76 fuselage band behind the trailing edge of the wing

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