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Brian 26th February 2010 11:46

Luftwaffe losses 1944 by Swiss
Hi guys

I've requested this info on the 'Swiss MS406s' thread I posted, but it may have been overlooked.

Swiss aircraft accounted for the following:

Luftwaffe RS14 (MM35750 R+D) on 1 January 1944. Crew killed. Unit and crew identities?

Do215 (Do17) on 5 February 1944, crashed north of Ramsen, Germany. Unit and crew identities?

Ju52 (WkNr 3021) on 6 June 1944. Five killed. Unit and crew identies?

Here's hoping

Khorat 26th February 2010 12:11

Re: Luftwaffe losses 1944 by Swiss
the RS 14 was from FFS B17, transfer flight, Ofw. Donnken and Wachtmeister Pauke both kia

5.February find a Do217 near Wörblingen/Bodensee and a Do 17 near Scheibenhau, first one downed by fighters , second crash case unknown,

for the Ju 52 no entry - but remember theres a nice booklet,
about german a/c crashes/losses in switzerland, also find something about the swiss fighters (lil one) and if remember right theres the Ju 52 mentioned.

Will see when at home.


Brian 26th February 2010 14:30

Re: Luftwaffe losses 1944 by Swiss
Many thanks, Khorat

At least that's a start. I wonder if we will ever find the names of the Swiss pilots involved in the shoot downs of 1944/45?


Khorat 26th February 2010 15:53

Re: Luftwaffe losses 1944 by Swiss
Hi Brian,

for the RS14: Five Swiss D-3801 fighters took off and approached the floatplane:
Lt. Bach (J-160), Lt. Meierhofer (J-189); Lt. Eha (J-163), Lt. Bär (J-164) und Oblt. Dättwyler (J-200), 2 fighters flew beside the floatplane and show their markings, suddenly however the german gunner opend fire and bank sharply to the french border.
At this moment 2 other swiss fighters attacked the aircraft from above and behind. It begand at once to display smoke, flipping on its back and crashing vertically.

for the 5th of February only given:
a german Do 215 (?) crossed over swiss. a double patrol of the Fl.Kp, 12 caught up with the Dornierin the vicinity of Greifen Lake and order to land but the Dornier didn´t follows, they opend fire, the aircraft, right engine aflame was seen to crash north of Ramsen/Germany. - think its the Do 217 - the Do17 but also crashed near the german swiss border..

for the Ju 52: coming from southern france, D-3801 fighters of Fl.Kp. 4 orderd the intruder to change course but the german crew didn´t react. The swiss fighters opend fire and the Ju 52 start to burn and crash.

source: Karl Ries "Deutsche Luftwaffe über der Schweiz 1939-1945" Verlag Dieter Hoffmann Mainz 1978, ISBN 3-87341-022-2

D-3801 swiss name for the MS 406


Brian 26th February 2010 21:18

Re: Luftwaffe losses 1944 by Swiss
Thanks again, Khorat

Getting there!!


Jan.Safarik 27th December 2014 01:17

Re: Luftwaffe losses 1944 by Swiss
6. 6. 1944, Ju 52/3mg6e, destroyed by:

Kössler, Edouard (D-3801)
Vuilleumier, Phillippe (D-3801)
Pellaud, René (D-3801)
Rusca, Bruno (D-3801)
Schenk, Paul (D-3801)
Rickenbacher, Hans (D-3801)

Source: Strembski,Marcin: Bitwa o Szwajcarię 1943-1945, in Lotnictwo, No. 2, 2013.

Alex Smart 27th December 2014 05:57

Re: Luftwaffe losses 1944 by Swiss
Hello Brian,

From the Hugo Junkers homepage.
ATG Production, Leipzig.J-ATG 3021 .
J-ATG 3018 to 3025 were Luftwaffe "BJ+YS to YZ"
So if they ran in sequence -
3018 = BJ+YS
3019 = BJ+YT
3020 = BJ+YU
3021 = BJ+YV What its Squadron Codes were I know not.
3022= BJ+YW
3023 = BJ+YX
3024 = BJ+YY
3025 = BJ+YZ

Seasonal Greetings

Stig Jarlevik 28th December 2014 17:54

Re: Luftwaffe losses 1944 by Swiss

The Dornier 217 was an E-4 WNr 4363 6N+CU (Stab/KG 100) on a ferry flight from Schwäbisch Hall and both Fw Gunther Huth and the rest of the crew were killed.

B Rgds

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