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Andreas Brekken 9th January 2012 09:36

02.02.1944 I./N.A.G.102
Hi, all!

Doeas anyone have the correct WNr for the Bf 109E-7 lost by this unit on this date?

GenQu says WNr 31618, obviously not correct for a Bf 109E-7

Andreas B

Jim P. 10th January 2012 00:45

Re: 02.02.1944 I./N.A.G.102
Andreas, I have the same info you have, but then I presume we're both working from the same microfiche or film sources, so I'll second your request.

Matti Salonen 17th January 2012 14:57

Re: 02.02.1944 I./N.A.G.102
According to NVM it should be 3618.


Jim P. 17th January 2012 23:24

Re: 02.02.1944 I./N.A.G.102
Thanks once again Matti for solving another typo in the Gen.Qu. losses.

Andreas Brekken 17th January 2012 23:35

Re: 02.02.1944 I./N.A.G.102
Thank you Matti. Very much appreciated!

Andreas B

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