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James A Pratt III 30th July 2013 00:53

Eygptian and syrian aces
Have any Eygptian or Syrian pilots made ace against the IDFAF? I known some of their pilots have shot down 1 or more IDFAF aircraft but I don't know if any downed 5 or more. Thanks in advance.

mars 30th July 2013 04:07

Re: Eygptian and syrian aces
In the six day war, a Pakistani pilot Flt Lt Salif-ul Azam who served in Royal Jordan airforce as a volunteer, flying Hunter F MK6, he claimed 3 IDFAF aircrafts shot down, all could be confimed by Isarel records:
1) Jun 5, he shot down 1 Super Mystere B2 (serial number 94) from No 105 Sq IDFAF over Mafraq AB Jordan, pilot Lt Hananya Boleh was killed
2) Jun 7, he shot down 1 Mirage III from No 117 Sq IDFAF over airfield H-3 Iraq, pilot Capt Gideon Dror bailed out and was tanken prisoner
3) Jun 7, he shot down 1 Vautour IIN (serial number 65) from No 110 Sq IDFAF over airfield H-3 Iraq, both Pilot Capt Shlomo Keren and obsever Capt Alexander Inbar were killed

Previously, in the India-Pakistan war of 1965, on Sep 19, Azam shot down an India Gnat, the pilot Flt Lt Vijay Mayadev bailed out and was taken prisoner, in that case, Salif-ul Azam was flying a American F-86 Sabre

DavidIsby 2nd August 2013 18:32

Re: Eygptian and syrian aces
Best Egyptian AF history in English remains Nordeen & Nicolle, Phoenix over the Nile.

Harpia's Arab MiG series is only up to 1956-67 in three volumes but contains some good detail from interviews and Arabic-language sources, though not without the inevitable glitches.

Syria would never talk to outsiders about their air force, so there is not much good out therem.

mars 2nd August 2013 23:38

Re: Eygptian and syrian aces
Harpia's Arab MiG series are highly recommended, the upcomming fourth volumn will cover War of Attrition, 1967-1973

knusel 1st December 2021 21:23

Re: Eygptian and syrian aces
Who is the top-scoring Egytian fighter pilot ever ?



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