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WalrusRex 8th July 2007 02:14

Introducing myself
When I was a kid, I read the book Twelve O'Clock High. Beginning several years ago, I tried to find and reread that book. I discovered that the book is rare and expensive. A couple of weeks ago, I did discover a fairly cheap copy and ordered it. It came a few days ago and I am about half way through. It is even better than I had remembered.

Today I was browsing the net for info about the book and came across this site. I have always had an interest in WWII combat air operations. My father was an armorer and ground gunner in the 56th Fighter Group and later volunteered as a gunner aboard B-29s (but the war ended before he actually flew combat missions).

Anyway, I love to talk WWII combat.

Brian 8th July 2007 18:16

Re: Introducing myself
Hi WalrusRex

Welcome to the best WWII aviation site on the 'net.

If I order a white robe from you will you also provide a continuous supply of the traditional red wine to go with it?


fsbofk 9th July 2007 01:12

Re: Introducing myself
WalrusRex - As a fan also of Twelve O'Clock High (the movie and TV series), I recently acquired a not-so-inexpensive hardback copy of the book, which I am looking forward to reading for the first time. In searching for the book, I found this interesting title that I am going to order, and I thought you might be interested in this too.

Franek Grabowski 9th July 2007 01:33

Re: Introducing myself
Tell us the squadron, please!

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