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Marcel Hogenhuis 12th April 2012 11:51

He219 Project - flight logs
Hello all,

One of the tasks of the rapidly expanding He219 Project - an attempt to solve all anomalies/contradictions in several He219 books - is to get access to as much recorded He219 flights in logbooks. So far invaluable and much appreciated help has been given by TOCH members like Sven Carlsen, Matti Salonen, Gerhard Stemmer, Walter Waiss, Nick Beale, Jorn Junker, Rene Brachten and many, many others.

The growing collection of flight log pages with He219 flights are a very useful tool to fill in several blanks or to solve anomalies among published Stammkennzeichen or Werkenummer. I am interested to know if there are still flight logs available of the following pilots (or Bordfunker) and whether it is possible to get readable scans of these.

Lt. Hans Schmitz
Fw. Peter Müller
Uffz. Heinz Filipzig
Uffz. Hans-Joachim Schwenke
Hptm. Hans Hager

NJGr. 10
Hptm. Lüdtke (NJGr. 10)
Maj. Rudolf Schoenert
Ofw. Johannes Richter (Bordfunker)

NJ-Staffel Finland
Hptm. Werner Hüschens

Fl.Ü.G. 1
Adibert BRAUN
Johannes NOWAK

It's a long shot but every single He219 flight found, has the potential to fill in still existing blanks or to solve conflicting data. Much obliged to hear from anyone who can offer support, all the best,

Marcel Hogenhuis / Venlo (where the He219 made its operational debut)
[ marcelhogenhuis(at) ]

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