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alanatabz 11th November 2017 20:28

3rd Sept 1940 , 254 Squadron Crash
Anybody got the crash reports for the Blenheims that collided in Aberdeenshire?


N3608 and N3529 were the A/C serial Nos

rafcommands 11th November 2017 20:57

Re: 3rd Sept 1940 , 254 Squadron Crash
8 and 9 miles N of Dyce

Details in my book.

or your post


andy bird 13th November 2017 18:02

Re: 3rd Sept 1940 , 254 Squadron Crash
Full Details at RAF Museum

Andy Bird

alanatabz 14th November 2017 07:33

Re: 3rd Sept 1940 , 254 Squadron Crash
I have one of the aircraft crashing beside Cauldhame Farm Tarves, the other at Hill of Fechil (about a mile away). The Hill of Fechil Blenheim was discovered during the digging of a gas pipeline in around 2001.

Trying to get a better understanding of why they crashed etc.

rafcommands 14th November 2017 19:30

Re: 3rd Sept 1940 , 254 Squadron Crash
Ah - by the one word question


you wanted the locations of the crash reports - not the locations of crash sites.

In that case AIR 81/3018


alanatabz 15th November 2017 08:01

Re: 3rd Sept 1940 , 254 Squadron Crash
Great note, Thanks Ross.

Will try and find somebody near TNA to look at the record!

Out of interest how did you locate this file, crew name? some sort of register etc?

rafcommands 15th November 2017 09:08

Re: 3rd Sept 1940 , 254 Squadron Crash

Google search

blenheim n3529

third link down for AIR81 file piece reference, then TNA discovery catalogue for entry


once you know it's in AIR81 from Google then use TNA discovery catalogue advanced for any of the crew names or aircraft serial.

Same search in Discovery for both N3529 and N3608.

Bit more background
Normally FA (Flying Accident) are F1180 held at RAF Museum - Fatal accidents usually have P (Personnel) file reference on the front page. You can use this Air Ministry General Registry number for a "Former Reference" limited search in Discovery but not all files will be transferred.

FB (Flying Battle) did not raise F1180s so P file (also called Cas File since it was held by Casualty Dept) is the only route. Again not all files currently transferred (latest tranche is late 1940) - other tranches being prepared but you can apply direct to Air Historical Branch for details from any P file not yet transferred to the public domain.

Some F1180s were raised for FB losses if the cause was not clear eg intruder losses to returned aircraft over UK, aircraft damaged by enemy action that later crashed over UK etc so no hard and fast answer of F1180 or Cas/TNA AIR81 file - you need to look for both.


Chris Goss 15th November 2017 11:24

Re: 3rd Sept 1940 , 254 Squadron Crash
Accident cards for both crashes do not exist in the AHB

andy bird 17th November 2017 00:25

Re: 3rd Sept 1940 , 254 Squadron Crash
As Chris say's and likewise myself early all details at RAF Musuem, (same file as at AHB) pick up the phone or email them and they'll probably send a pdf of the crash files to you.
Ask for Archives and Library.

Andy Bird

'Heroes of Coastal Command 1939-1945' Published by Frontline Books out in 2018.

rafcommands 17th November 2017 07:17

Re: 3rd Sept 1940 , 254 Squadron Crash
Sorry Andy but F1180 for these FA crashes do not survive at the RAF Museum, they do have the A M 78 but all these confirm is the Cat and date.

As Chris states the AHB also have no F1180, confirming why none appear in the RAFM microfilm, and have transferred the P files to the public domain so the TNA is the place to go.


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