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generalderpanzertruppen 13th February 2007 04:05

My library - you rate it!
Hi everyone, I've posted this on a few boards I frequent, this is my military library, or what I've managed to get on the computer so far. I'm sure you'll agree it's a well-balanced collection! :)

Aces Past – Christopher Shores and Patrick Bunce Military Press (91)
Aircraft Carriers – Dr David Jordon Silverdale Books (02)
Albatros Aces of World War I – Juan Maria Martinez Osprey (00)
Albatros Fighters in action – John F Connors squadron/signal aircraft 46 (81)
Afrika Korps in action – Bruce Culver squadron/signal combat troops 4 (79)
Aircraft of WWII – Stewart Wilson Aerospace Publications (98)
Allied Aces in Asia – John Weal Osprey (00)
The Allied Aces of the Korean War – Robert F Door, Jon Lake and Warren Thompson Osprey (00)
American Aces in the Phillipines – Barret Tillman and John Stanaway Osprey (00)
An Illustrated Guide To The Modern US Navy – John Jordon Salamander (82)
Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden – David Irving Veritas Publishing (95)
Arado Ar 196: Germany's Multi-Purpose Seaplane – Hans-Peter Kabrwoski & Volker Koos Schiffer 69 (93)
The Ardennes: 1944 – Jean-Paul Pallud Osprey (96)
Armageddon: The Battle For Germany 1944-1945 – Max Hastings Pan (04)
Armoured Warfare: A Guided Tour of an Armoured Cavalry Regiment – Tom Clancy Sidgwick & Jackson (94)
Atlas of World War II – Professor John Kreegan Harper Collins (06)
The Australian Army at War – John Laffin Osprey (96)
Austro-Hungarian Aces of World War I: Italian Front – Christopher Chant Osprey (00)
Austro-Hungarian Aces of World War I: Eastern Front – Christopher Chant Osprey (00)
Axis Forces in Yugoslavia – N Thomas and K Mikulan Osprey (96)
Barbarossa: The First Seven Days – Will Fowler Greenhill Books (04)
Battle Beneath The Waves: The U-Boat War – Robert C Stern Arms & Armour (94)
The Battle of the Atlantic – Andrew Williams Basic Books (03)
The Battleship Yamato – Janusz Skulski Conway (88)
The Berlin Bunker – James P O’Donnell Arrow (79)
Berlin: Then And Now – Tony Le Tissier After the Battle (92)
Biplanes, Triplanes & Seaplanes – General Editor Jim Winchester Grange Books (04)
The Black Angels: The story of the Waffen-SS – Rupert Butler Sheridan (78)
Blitzkrieg In The West: Then And Now – Jean Paul Pallud After the Battle (91)
Blood Red Snow: The Memoirs of a German Soldier on the Eastern Front – Gunter K Koschorrek Greenhill (98)
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses of the Eighth Air Force – Martin Bowman Osprey (00)
Boeing B-52 Stratofortress in action – Larry Davis squadron/signal aircraft 130(92)
Bormann: The Man Who Manipulated Hitler – Jochen von Lang book club associates (79)
Captured Tanks Under the German Flag: Russian Battle Tanks – Dr Werner Regenberg & Horst Scheibert (90)
Carrier: A Guided Tour of an Aircraft Carrier – Tom Clancy Sidgwick & Jackson (99)
The Cicero Affair: German Access to Britich Secrets in World War II – Richard Wires Praeger (99)
The Coming of The Third Reich – Professor Richard J Evans Penguin (03)
Concept Aircraft: Prototypes, X-Planes and Experimental Aircraft – Gen. Editor Jim Winchester Grange (05)
Conflict over the Bay – Norman L R Franks Grub Street (99)
Consolidated B-24 Liberator – Michael O’Leary Osprey Production Line to Front Line 4 (02)
Consolidated B-24 Liberator Units of the Eighth Air Force – Robert F Dorr Osprey (00)
Curse of the Death's Head: The infamous story of the SS Totenkopf Division – Rupert Butler Arrow (85)
Das Reich: The March of the 2nd SS Panzer Division Through France, June 1944 – Max Hastings Pan (81)
Destroyers, Frigates and Corvettes – Robert Jackson Amber Books (00)
Die Deutschen Geheim-Waffen Des Zweiten Weltkriegs – Roger Ford Dφrfler (?)
The Dictators: Hitler’s Germany and Stalin's Russia Professor Richard Overy Allen Lane (04)
Disaster at D-Day: The Germans Defeat the Allies, June 1944 – Peter Tsouras Wrens Park (00)
Dornier Do 23: First Bomber of the Wehrmacht – H P Dabrowski Schiffer (96)
Dornier Do 217 – Jerry Scutts Hall Park Books/Warpaint 24 (?)
Dornier Do 335 Pfeil – Heinz J Nowarra Schiffer Publishing (89)
Douglas SDB Dauntless Units of World War 2 – Barret Tillman Osprey (00)
Eagle in Flames: The Fall of the Luftwaffe – E R Hooton Arms & Armour (97)
Eastern Front: SS Sectet Archives – Ian Baxter Spellmount (03)
Elefant, Jagdtiger, Sturmtiger: Rarities of the Tiger Family – Wolfgang Schneider Schiffer 18 (90)
The Encyclopaedia of Modern Military Jets – Robert Jackson Silverdale Books (02)
The Encyclopaedia of U-Boats: From 1904 to the Present – Dr Eberhard Mφller & Werner Brack Greenhill (02)
The Fall of France: Disaster in the West 1939-40 – Lt Col George Forty & John Duncan Guild Publishing (90)
Fallschrimjδger in action – Uwe Feist squadron/signal combat troops 1 (73)
First World War – H P Willmott DK (03)
The Flying Pencil: Dornier Do 17and Do 215 – Heinz J Nowarra Schiffer 25 (90)
Focke-Wulf Fw 189 in action – George Punka squadron/signal aircraft 142 (93)
Focke Wulf Fw 190 in action - Jerry L Campbell squadron/signal aircraft 19 (75)
Fokker Eindecker in action – D Edgar Brannon squadron/signal aircraft 158 (96)
Fokker D.VII in action – D Edgar Brannon squadron/signal aircraft 166 (96)
Foreign Volunteers of the Wehrmacht 1941-45 – Carlos Caballero Jurado Osprey (83)
The Franco-Prussian War – Professor Michael Howard University Paperbacks (61)
The Fόhrer – Konrad Heiden Castle Books (44)
German Airborne Troops in World War II – Bruce Quarrie Osprey (96)
German Anti-tank guns: 37,50,75,88mmPAK 1939-45 without SP mountings – Werner Haupt Schiffer 24 (90)
The German Army and the Nazi Party 1933-39 – Robert J O’Neill Corgi (66)
The German Army in World War II: North Afrika and the Balkans – Nigel Thomas Osprey (96)
The German Army on the Eastern Front – Nigel Thomas Osprey (96)
German Army Uniforms And Insignia 1939-1945 – Brian L Davis Arms and Armour Press (92)
German Artillery 1864-1910 – Sonja Wetzig Schiffer (96)
German Battle Tanks in Colour 1934-45 – Horst Scheibert Schiffer 16 (89)
The German Blitzkrieg – Nigel Thomas Osprey (96)
German Bombers of WWI in action – Peter Cooksley squadron/signal aircraft 173 (00)
German Eight-Wheeled Reconnaissance Vehicles: Sd.Kfz 231,232,233 & 263 – Horst Scheibert Schiffer 66 (93)
German Guided Missiles – Heinz J Nowarra Schiffer 65 (93)
German Heavy Cruisers 1939-45 – Gordon Williamson Osprey (03)
German Heavy Half-Tracked Prime Movers – Dr Reinhard Frank Schiffer (96)
German Heavy Mortars – Joachim Engelmann Schiffer 39 (91)
German Heavy Reconaissance Vehicles: Sd.Kfz.231/6,232/6 & 263/6 – Horst Scheibert Schiffer (93)
German Infantry in action – Norman Harms squadron/signal combat troops 2 (73)
German Jet Aces of World War 2 – Jon Lake Osprey (00)
German Light Rec.Veh: Kfz.13,14,Sd.Kfz.221-223,260,261,247,250/9,Panhard 178 – H. Scheibert Schiffer (93)
German Military Police of World War II – Gordon Williamson and Nigel Thomas Osprey (96)
German Motorcycles in WWII:BMW,DKW,NSU,Triumph,Viktoria & Zundapp – Stefan Knittel Schiffer (90)
German Order of Battle1944 Arms and Armour Press (75)
German Personnel Cars in Wartime: The light,medium & heavy vehicles – Dr Reinhard Frank Schiffer (89)
German Railroad Guns in action – Joachim Engelmann squadron/signal armour 15 (76)
German Remote-Control Tank Units 1940-1943 – Markus Jaugitz Schiffer (96)
German Remote-Control Tank Units 1943-1945 – Markus Jaugitz Schiffer (96)
German Rocket Launchers in WWII – Joachim Engelmann Schiffer 21 (90)
German SP Artillery in WWII: Bison and other 150mm SPGs – Joachim Engelmann Schiffer 60 (92)
German SP Artil. in WWII: Wespe105mm guns, Alkrett weapons carrier – Joachim Engelmann Schiffer 61 (92)
German Tanks in World War I: The A7V and early tank development – W Schneider&R Strasheim Schiffer (90)
German Test Pilots – Wolfgang Spate Independent Books (95)
German Twin-Engined Bombers of World War II – Manfred Griehl Schiffer (89)
German U-Boat Crews – Gordon Williamson Osprey (96)
Germany’s Eastern Front Allies 1941-45 – Peter Abbott and Nigel Thomas Osprey (96)
Gestapo: The Truth Bhind an Evil Legend – Rupert Butler Hamlyn (81)
Great Battles of the Waffen-SS – Edited by Peter Darman Grange Books (04)
The Great War Generals on the Western Front 1914-1918 – Robin Neillands Constable & Robinson (04)
Green Hearts: First In Combat With The Dora 9 – Axel Urbanke Eagle Editions (98)
Grumman Avenger Torpedo Bombers of World War 2 – Barrett Tillman Osprey (00)
Gunther Rall The Authorized Biography: Luftwaffe Ace & NATO General Jill Amadio Tangmere (02)
Guns of the Third Reich – John Walter Greenhill (04)
Heaven and Hell: The War Diary of a German Paratrooper – Martin Pφppel Spellmount (88)
Heavy Sidecar Motorcycles of the Wehrmacht 1935-1945 – Horst Hinrichsen Schiffer (00)
Heinkel He 112 in action – Denes Bernad squadron/signal aircraft 159 (96)
Heinkel He 177 – Kev Darling Hall Park Books/Warpaint 33 (?)
Hermann Gφring – Dr Roger Manvell and Dr Heinrich Fraenkel Mentor (62)
Hetzer: Jagdpanzer 38(t) and G-13 – Horst Scheibert Schiffer 27 (90)
Heydrich: The Face of Evil - Mario Dederichs Greenhill (05)
The Hidden Hitler – Lothar Machtan Basic Books (01)
Himmler – Dr Roger Manvell and Dr Heinrich Fraenkel Mentor (65)
A History of Germany 1815-1985 – Professor William Carr Edward Arnold (87)
A History of Warfare – Professor John Keegan Pimlico (93)
Hitler: 1889-1936 – Hubris – Ian Kershaw Penguin (98)
The Hitler Conspiracies – David Welch Brassey’s Inc (01)
Hitler: Military Commander – Rupert Matthews Arcturus Publishing (04)
The Hitler Options: Alternate Decisions of World War II – Edited by Kenneth Macksey Wrens Park (95)
Hitler's Henchmen: The Nazis who shaped the Third Reich – Louis L Snyder D&C (90)
Hitler's Praetarians: The History of the Waffen-SS 1925-1945 – Tim Ripley Spellmount (04)
Hitler's Scientists: Science, War and the Devil’s Pact – John Cornwell Penguin (03)
Hitler's Third Reich: vol.17-24,26-28,32 - Edited by Chris Bishop Midsummer Books (00)
I Flew For The Fόhrer – Heinz Knoke Evans (54)
In the Bunker with Hitler: The Last Witness Speaks – Bernard Freytag von Loringhoven W & N (06)
Intelligence in War – Professor John Keegan Hutchinson (03)
Invasion: Operation Sealion 1940 – Martin Evans Pearson Longman (04)
Invasion: The Alternate History of the German Invasion of England July 40 - Kenneth Macksey Wrens Park (01)
The Iowa Class Battleships – Professor Malcolm Muir Sterling (87)
Italian Aces of World War 2 – Giovanni Massimello and Giorgio Apostolo Osprey (00)
Jagdpanzer: Jagdpanzer IV-Jagdpanther – Horst Scheibert (91)
Jagdwaffe vol 2 section 1: Battle of Britain Phase One – Erich Mombeek Classic Publications (01)
Janes Aircraft Recognition Guide – Gunter Endres & Mike Gething Harper Collins (02)
Japanese Air Forces of World War II – Henry Sakaida Osprey (96)
The Japanese Army in World War II – Philip Warner Osprey (96)
JG26: Photographic History of the Luftwaffe’s Top Guns – Donald L Caldwell Motorbooks International (94)
Junkersflugzeuge 1933-1945 – Helmut Bukowski & Manfred Griehl Dφrfler Zeitgeshichte (91)
Junkers Ju 52 – Heinz J Nowarra Schiffer (93)
Junkers Ju 52 in action – Uwe Feist squadron/signal aircraft 10 (73)
Junkers Ju 87 - Ulrich Elrath Schiffer 77 (93)
Junkers Ju 87 Stuka Vol.2 – Fritz X Zobel & Jakob M Mathmann Schiffer (96)
Junkers Ju 87 Stuka – Allan W Hall Hall Park Books/Warpaint 3 (?)
Junkers Ju 87 Stuka in action – (?) squadron/signal aircraft 73 (?)
Junkers Ju 88 Bomber Groups on the Western Front – John Weal Osprey (00)
Junkers Ju 88 in action Part 2 – Brian Filley squadron/signal aircraft 113 (91)
Junkers Ju 88: Over all Fronts – Joachim Stein Schiffer 35(91)
The Kettendrad: Sd.Kfz.2 – Type HK-101 – Friedhelm Abel Schiffer 38 (91)
The King Tiger Tank – Horst Scheibert Schiffer (89)
The "King Tiger" Vol.II: Development, units & Operations – Wolfgang Schneider Schiffer (90)
Kursk: The Vital 24 Hours – Will Fowler Amber Books (05)
Krupp at War: The Legendary Krupp Protze & Other Vehicles Schiffer 53 (?)
La Division Das Reich – Philip Vickers Leo Cooper (00)
The Last Kaiser: William The Impetuous – Giles MacDonogh Weidenfeld & Nicholson (00)
The Last Nazis: SS Werevolf Guerrilla Resistanxe in Europe 1944-1947 – Perry Biddiscombe Tempus (04)
Laurels for Prinz Wittgenstein – Werner P Roell (Knights Cross) Independent Books (94)
Leadership in Conflict 1914-1918 – Edited by Dr Matthew Hughes & Dr Matthew Seligmann Leo Cooper (00)
Leni Riefenstahl – Rainer Rother Continuum (02)
Lockheed C-130 Hercules in action – Lou Drendel squadron/signal aircraft 47(84)
Lost Subs: From the Hunley to the Kurst – Spencer Dunmore Madison Press (02)
Loyal Comrades, Ruthless Killers: The Secret Services of the USSR 1917-91 – Slava Katamidze Brown (03)
Luftwaffe Aces – Franz Kurowski Stackpole Books (96)
Luftwaffe Aces of the Western Front – Robert Micheilec Greenhill (02)
Luftwaffe Airfield Equipment - Joachim Dressel & Manfred Griehl Schiffer (93)
Luftwaffe Diary vol.1 – Uwe Feist & Thomas McGuire Ryton Publications (94)
Luftwaffe Diary vol.2 – Uwe Feist & Thomas McGuire Ryton Publications (94)
Luftwaffe Field Divisions in World War II – Kevin Conley Ruffner Osprey (96)
Luftwaffe Fighter Aces – Mike Spick Greenhill Books (96)
Luftwaffe Fighter Aces of World War II – John Weal, Jerry Scutts & Hugh Morgan…Osprey (96)
Luftwaffe in action – Uwe Feist Signal (71)
Luftwaffe Profile Series 9: Heinkel He 111H – Manfred Griehl Schiffer (96)
Luftwaffe X-Planes: German Experimental and Prototype Planes of WWII – Manfred Griehl Greenhill (04)
Machine Guns of Two World Wars – John Walter Greenhill (05)
Making Friends With Hitler: Lord Londonberry and Britain’s Road To War – Ian Kershaw Penguin (04)
The Mammoth Book of the Third Reich at War – edited by Michael Veranov (97) Robinson
Marine: A Guided Tour of a Marine Expeditionary Unit – Tom Clancy Sidgwick & Jackson (?)
McDonnell F-4 Phantom II in action – Larry Davis squadron/signal aircraft 65 (84)
Maus and other German Armoured Projects – Prof Dr Michael Sawondy & Kai Bracher Schiffer (89)
Men of Steel: 1 SS Panzer Corps–The Ardennes and Eastern Front 1944-45 – Michael Reynolds Spellmount (99)
Messerschmitt 109 – D A :Lande MBI Publishing (00)
Messerschmitt Bf 110 Zerstφrer in action - Jerry L Campbell squadron/signal aircraft 30 (77)
Messerschmitt Bf 110 Zerstφrer Aces of World War 2 – Iain Wyllie Osprey (00)
Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet – Mano Ziegler Schiffer 20 (90)
Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet Vol.II – M Emmerling Schiffer 57 (92)
Messerschmitt Me 210/410 in action – George Punka squadron/signal aircraft 147 (94)
Messerschmitt Me 262: Stormbird Rising – Hugh Morgan Osprey Aerospace (?)
Military Errors of World War Two – Kenneth Macksey Cassell (87)
The Military Sniper – Martin Pegler Osprey (96)
Military Vehicles of the Reichswehr – Wolfgang Fleischer Schiffer (96)
Nazism and War – Professor Richard Bessel W & N (04)
The Observer's Book of Firearms – Nicholas DuQuerne-Bird Warne (78)
The Ottoman Army in World War I – Dr David Nicolle Osprey (96)
The Pacific War Companion: From Pearl Harbour to Hiroshima - ed. Dr Daniel Marston Osprey (05)
The Pacific War Encyclopaedia – James F Dunnigan & Albert A Nofi Checkmark Books (98)
The Panther Family – Horst Scheibert Schiffer (90)
Panther: Panzerkampfwagen V – Horst Scheibert Schiffer 37 (91)
Panther: 50th Anniversary Edition – Uwe Feist & Bruce Culver Ryton Publications (95)
Panzer: The Illustrated History of German Armour in WWII – Dr Niall Barr & Dr Russell Hart Aurum Press (99)
Panzer Aces – Franz Kurowski Stackpole Books (92)
Panzer Aces II – Franz Kurowski Stackpole Books (00)
Panzer Tactics: German Small-Unit Armour Tactics in WWII – Wolfgang Schneider Stackpole Books (06/00)
The Panzer IV Family – Horst Scheibert Schiffer 49 (91)
Panzer IV (Lang) in Combat – Horst Riebenstahl & Horst Scheibert Schiffer (96)
Panzers In Normandy: Then And Now – Eric Lefevre After the Battle (90)
Paths of Death & Glory: The Last Days of the Third Reich – Charles Whiting Spellmount (03)
Phoenix Triumphant: The Rise and Rise of the Luftwaffe – E R Hooton Brockhampton Press (94)
Propaganda Postcards of World War II – Ron Menchine Krause Publications (00)
Pursuit: The Sinking of the Bismark – Ludovic Kennedy Cassell (74)
Reich!: World War II Through German Eyes – James Lucas Grafton (87)
Repuplic P-47 Thunderbolt Aces of the Eighth Air Force – Tony Holmes Osprey (00)
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich – William L Shirer Pan (59)
The Rise of Hitler’s Third Reich: Germany's Victory in Europe 1939-42 – Chris Bishop Spellmount (04)
The Road to Stalingrad: Stalin’s War with Germany vol.1 – Professor John Erickson Weidenfeld (93)
Rockwell Bone B-1 Lancer in action – Lou Drendel squadron/signal aircraft 179 (02)
The Romanian Army in World War II – Mark Axworthy Osprey (96)
Rommel – Desmond You Fontana books (50)
Rommel's Panzers: Rommel & the Forces of the Blitzkrieg 1940-1942 – Dr Christen Jorgensen Spellmount (03)
Rommel's Year of Victory: The Wartime Illustrations of Kurt Caesar – James Lucas Greenhill (98)
Run Silent – Philip Kaplan Aurum Press (02)
Schutzenpanzerwagen: Warhorse of the Panzer Grenadiers – Horst Scheibert Schiffer 56 (92)
Sharks Teeth Nose Art – Jeffrey L Ethel Motorbooks International (92)
Six Armies – Professor John Keegan Pimlico (82)
Soldat vol.11: The Reproductions-The Postwar Years – Cyrus A Lee Pictorial Histories Publishing (94)
Soldiers: A History of Man in Battle – Professor John Keegan & Richard Holmes Hamish House (85)
The Spanish Civil War – Patrick Turnbull Osprey (96)
Speer: The Final Verdict - Joachim Fest (99)
SS: Hitler's Foreign Legions – Foreign Volunteers in the Waffen-SS ’40-’45 – Chris Bishop Spellmount (05)
The SS: Hitler's Instrument of Terror – Gordon Williamson Sidgwick & Jackson (94)
SS-HitlerJugend: The History of the Twelfth SS Division 1943-45 - Rupert Butler Casemate (03)
SS-Leibstandarte: The History of the First SS Division 1933-45 – Rupert Butler Spellmount (01)
Stalingrad: The Vital Seven Days – Will Fowler Amber Books (05)
Steel Fist: Tank Warfare 1939-45 – Nigel Cawthorne Arcturus Publishing (04)
Steel Inferno: 1 SS Panzer Corps In Normandy – Colonel Michael Reynolds Spellmount (97)
The Sting Of The Luftwaffe: Schnellkampfgeschwader 210/Zerstφrergeschwader 1 – John Vasco Schiffer (01)
Storm of Steel – Ernst Junger (20) Penguin
Strangers In A Strange Land vol.II: Escape to Neutrality – Hans-Heiri Stapfer/Gino Kunzle squad/sig6056 (92)
Strategy for Defeat: The Luftwaffe 1933-1945 – Dr Williamson Murray Eagle Editions (86)
Sturmgeschόtz III L/24 & L33: The Short Gun Versions – Horst Scheibert Schiffer 42 (91)
Sturmgeschόtz 40 L/43 & L/48: The Long Gunned Versions – Horst Scheibert Schiffer 33 (91)
Submarines of the World – Robert Jackson Amber Books (00)
Surviving Hitler: Corruption and Compromise in the Third Reich – Aden LeBor & Roger Boyes Pocket (02)
Tanks of the World – Lt Col George Forty Hermes House (05)
Tanks: The 500 Series – Christopher Foss Crestline (03)
Target Berlin – Mission 250: 6 March 1944 – Jeffrey Ethell & Dr Alfred Price Wrens Park (02)
The One That Got Away – Kendal Burt & James Leasor Collins (56)
Their Honour was Loyalty!: Knights Cross Holders of the W-SS & Polizei 1940-45 – Jost W Schneider RJB (77)
The Third Reich: The SS Time/Life (88)
The Third Reich: Fists of Steel Time/Life (88)
The Third Reich: Storming to Power Time/Life (88)
The Third Reich: The New Order Time/Life (88)
The Third Reich: Lightning War Time/Life (89)
The Third Reich: Afrika Korps Time/Life (88)
The Third Reich: Barbarossa Time/Life (88)
The Third Reich: War on the High Seas Time/Life (88)
This is Berlin – William L Shirer Arrow (99)
Tiger I – Horst Scheibert Schiffer 44 (91)
Tigers in action – Bruce Culver squadron/signal armour 27 (89)
Toku Tai:Japanese Submarine Operations In Australian Waters – Lew Lind Kangaroo Press (92)
To Live And Die In The West: The American Indian Wars – Jason Hook & Martin Pegler Osprey (99)
Torpedo Junction: U-Boat War Off America’s East Coast 1942 – Homer H Hickem Dell (89)
A Traveller's Guide to The Battle for the German Frontier – Charles Whiting The Windrush Press (00)
Turning The Tide Of War: 50 Battles that Changed the Course of Modern History – Tim Newark Hamlyn (01)
Twenty First Century Warplanes & Helicopters – Edited by Peter Darman Grange Books (04)
The T-34 Tank – Dr Matthew Hughes & Dr Chris Mann Spellmount Ltd (99)
U-Boat 977: The U-Boat that Escaped to Argentina – Captain Heinz Schaeffer Cerebus Publishing (?/52)
U-Boats in action – Robert C Stern squadron/signal warships 1 (77)
Uhu-He 219: The Best Nightfighter of World War II – Heinz J Nowarra Schiffer (89)
The Underground Military Command Bunkers Of Zossen, Germany – Hans-Georg Kampe Schiffer (96)
Uniforms of the German Soldier: An Illustrated History from 1870 to WWI - Alejandro Quesada Greenhill (06)
Uniforms of the German Soldier: An Illustrated History from WWII - Alejandro Quesada Greenhill (06)
Uniforms of the SS vol 1: Allgemeine SS 1923-1945 – Andrew Mollo Windrow & Greene (91)
Uniforms of the SS vol 2: Germanische SS 1940-1945 – Andrew Mollo Windrow & Greene (91)
Uniforms of the SS vol 3: SS Verfugungstruppe 1033-1939 – Andrew Mollo Windrow & Greene (91)
Uniforms of the SS vol 4: SS Totenkopfverbδnde 1933-1945 – Andrew Mollo Windrow & Greene (91)
Uniforms of the SS vol 5: Sicherheitsdients und Sicherheitspolizei1931-1945 – Andrew Mollo W & G (91)
Uniforms of the SS vol 6: Waffen SS Clothing & Equipment-1945 – Andrew Mollo Windrow & Greene (91)
US Aircraft Carriers in action Part 1 – Robert Stern squadron/signal Warships 5 (91)
US Army Airborne – Gordon Rottman Osprey (96)
US Army in World War II: The Mediterranean – Mark R Henry Osprey (96)
US Army of World War I – Phillip Katcher & Gordon Rottman Osprey (96)
US Army Rangers in World War II – Gordon L Rottman Osprey (96)
US Army Uniforms of World War II – Phillip Katcher Osprey (96)
US Battleships in action Part 1 – Robert C Stern squadron/signal warships 3 (80)
US Battleships in action Part 2 – Robert C Stern squadron/signal warships 4 (84)
US Marines in World War I – Mark R Henry Osprey (96)
US Marines in World War II – Gordon Rottman Osprey (96)
Villiers-Bocage: Through the lens of the German War Photographer – Daniel Taylor After the Battle (99)
Vital Guide: Bombers of the 20 th Century – Jim Winchester Airlife (03)
Vital Guide: Elite Troops of WWII – Jonathon Sutherland Airlife (03)
Vital Guide: Fighters of the 20th Century – Jim Winchester Airlife (02)
The Vital Guide to Fighting Aircraft of World War II – Edited by Karen Leverington Airlife Publishing (95)
Vital Guide: Special Forces – Lt Col George Forty Airlife (02)
Vital Guide: World War II Tanks and AFV’s – Jonathon Sutherland Airlife (02)
Vought F-8 Crusader Units of Vietnam – Peter Mersky Osprey (00)
Vought RF-8 Crusaders over Cuba and Vietnam – Peter Mersky Osprey (00)
VW at War: Kόbelwagen, Schwimmwagen & Special Vehicles – Michael Sawodny Schiffer 31 (91)
VW Beetle at War – Dr Hans-Georg Mayer Schiffer 54(92)
VW at War: Kόbelwagen & Schwimmwagen book 2 – Dr Bernd Wiersch Schiffer 55 (92)
V1: The Flying Bomb – Joachim Engelmann Schiffer 62 (92)
V2 – Major General Walter Dornberger Panther (52)
V2: Dawn of the Rocket Age – Joachim Engelmann Schiffer 26 (90)
Die Waffen-SS: Eine Bilddokumentation – Herbert Walther Dφrfler (?)
Waffen-SS Handbook 1933-1945 – Gordon Williamson Sutton Publishing (03)
Walk Around Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress – Lou Drendel squadron/signal walk around 16 (98)
Walk Around Focke-Wulf Fw 190D – E Brown Ryle & Malcolm Laing squadron/signal walk around 10 (97)
Walk Around Focke-Wulf Fw 190A/F – Malcolm Laing & E Brown Ryle squadron/signal walk around 22 (00)
Walk Around Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger – Lou Drendel squadron/signal walk around 25 (01)
Walk Around North American B-25 Mitchell – Lou Drendel squadron/signal walk around 12 (97)
Walk Around North American P-51D Mustang – Larry Davis squadron/signal walk around 7 (96)
Walk Around Sturmgeschόtz III Ausf.G – Tom Cockle squadron/signal walk around 2 (01)
Warplanes Of The Luftwaffe – Edited by David Donald Aerospace (94)
Warships and Submarines of World War II – Edited by Peter Darman Grange Books (04)
Weapons and Fighting Tactics of the Waffen-SS – Dr S Hart & Dr R Hart Spellmount (99)
Weapons of the Waffen-SS – David Fleming MBI (03)
Wehrmacht Panzer Divisions 1939-45 – Jorge Rosamdo & Chris Bishop Amber Books (05)
Western Front: SS Secret Archives – Ian Baxter Spellmount (03)
Werewolf: The Nazi Resistance Movement 1944-1945 – Charles Whiting Pan (72)
Why the Germans Lose at War: The Myth of German Military Superiority – Kenneth Macksey Greenhill (96)
The World War II Databook – John Ellis Aurum Books (95)
World War II: 4,139 Strange and Fascinating Facts - Don McCombs & Fred Worth Wings Books (83)
The World’s Great Machine Guns: From 1860 To The Present Day – Roger Ford Silverdale Books (99)
The World’s Worst Aircraft : From Pioneering Failures to Multimill $ Disasters – Jim Winchester Amber (05)
The World’s Worst Military Disasters – Chris McNab Amber (05)
X-Planes and Prototypes: From Nazi secret Weapons to ?Warplanes of the Future – Jim Winchester Amber (05)
The 12 th SS: The History of the Hitler Youth Panzer Division vol. one – SS Lt.Col Hubert Mayer Stackpole (94)
The 12 th SS: The History of the Hitler Youth Panzer Division vol. two – SS Lt.Col Hubert Mayer Stackpole (94)
The 88mm Flak – Werner Muller Schiffer 50 (91)
100 Years of Australians At War – George Odgers New Holland (01)


tagjagd 13th February 2007 07:15

Re: My library - you rate it!
I'd say your alias is a pretty good indication of your interests: German armored vehicles and equipment, the SS, the Luftwaffe and aircraft in general, the German high command, the 3rd Reich, German pilots and soldiers, some naval warfare and some WW1.

It's a decent library that you've probably been building up over the past 10 years or so. It has some breadth but not much depth or focus, except maybe on the SS. You're interested in warfare and warriors in general, and the European theater of WW2 in particular. You're more interested in tactics than strategy, and battles rather than campaigns. You occasionally splurge on an expensive book, but you generally stay within your budget. You don't speak any other languages, so you stick to what's available in English. You might be an armor modeler that also dabbles in aircraft.

Adam 13th February 2007 07:49

Re: My library - you rate it!
Adding to what tagjagd said, Hooton's Eagle in Flames is good but to complete his work and get a good overall picture (as it seems is your intention) you need the forerunning volume, 'Phoenix Triumphant, the Rise and Rise of the Luftwaffe (Brockhampton Press, 1994)' and Alfred Price's 'Last Year of the Luftwaffe, May 1944 - May 1945 (Greenhill Books, 1991)'

Otherwise, some good title in there

generalderpanzertruppen 13th February 2007 10:30

Re: My library - you rate it!
Hi Adam, thanks for your thoughts, you to tagjag! However, I DO have Phoenix Triumphant - it's on the list! :p Thanks again mate!


Csaba B. Stenge 13th February 2007 11:07

Re: My library - you rate it!
Regarding the Austro-Hungarian aces of WW I I can recommend you Martin O'Connor's book, not the Osprey stuffz.

Uncle Sam 24th May 2007 15:45

Re: My library - you rate it!

Osprey stuffz.
Osprey is all right if one is new to a subject or if there is no other information available in English, but other than that they are basically overprice pamphlets.


CJE 24th May 2007 21:40

Re: My library - you rate it!
A library is something too much personal to discuss about it in general terms. It depends on the topics you focus on, your bank account and the room to stock books. Though we are both interested in WW2 aviation, your library is not mine and mine would have little interest to you.

Skyraider3D 23rd November 2007 16:06

Re: My library - you rate it!

Originally Posted by Uncle Sam (Post 43568)
Osprey is all right if one is new to a subject or if there is no other information available in English, but other than that they are basically overprice pamphlets.


I guess that depends very much on the topic. For example I thought the Elite Units book on the 359th FG was very good and I paid not much more than a fiver for it.

Jim P. 24th November 2007 02:36

Re: My library - you rate it!
Osprey's WWI stuff is actually pretty good. In this area they've assembled a very good group of authors - Greg van Wyngarden, Jon Guttman, Norman Franks and company have been doing this stuff for years for Albatros/Windsock, Cross and Cockades and Over the Front. Many others are also notables in their particular fields. Wish I could say the same for the whole series.

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