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edwest2 18th August 2019 22:15

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

edwest2 20th August 2019 01:51

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

Col Bruggy 20th August 2019 18:39

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

C-187 - Trier
C-189 - Trier
C-188 - Trier


Martin Gleeson 20th August 2019 23:05

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

I hate to dispute anything with you ! However I believe the 'Trier' Hampden QR-P is L4146 lost in the early hours of 24 May 1940 in the Black Forest area. This one has grass not sand under it.
While I cannot see a serial in any photo on some images one can make out the prewar code 'NM' of 76 Squadron which was the owner of L4146 prior to its use by 61 Squadron.
I believe also Bill Chorley has recorded it incorrectly as 'QR-R' but that is probably a typo.
Ironically L4146 had an Irishman on board too !


Martin Gleeson.

Col Bruggy 21st August 2019 02:11

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

That's fine. I believe you are right. The Germans would not have allowed civilians (particularly Dutch), to wander around a downed aircraft. I suspected the Hampden had been moved from a tidal area to higher ground.


edwest2 21st August 2019 21:46

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

Kaiyan 22nd August 2019 08:39

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Wellington Ic coded 5+4 is reported to be T2501 'LN-F/LN+F/5+4 Ex-RAF 99 Squadron under evaluation at Rechlin.

edwest2 22nd August 2019 19:44

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Thank you.

edwest2 23rd August 2019 21:34

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

Faenor 24th August 2019 08:19

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Hi all,

more photo of Hampden Mk. P4324 QRoP:

Look at this link - there is a photo of Hampden in German marking - it is same plane?


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