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schwarze-man 16th September 2019 16:54

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
Well, in the first picture, it would appear that some tactical camo with the branches was needed so, maybe close to the action at some time? Looking at the detail a bit more, in the second pic you can see that the good starboard engine of the aircraft still on one leg has been properly removed since the first pic, the camo branches gone, and yet, the AFV looks the same. Note that the aircraft on it's belly has bent forward prop tips on both engines so, have probably been turning and travelling backwards at some point, its right engine has signs of a strong impact and a prop blade broken off. Also the U/C appears to have collapsed from the lowered position. In the last pic, you see the properly removed engine detail and, smashed-off but still lying on the ground, the left wing-outboard of the Port engine.
If having to judge from this, I guess the aircraft that is left on its belly came along gear down and smashed into left wing/engine of the parked aircraft with its right engine. It broke the parked aircraft wing and collapsed the left U/C. The crashing aircraft then span around 180 degrees, losing its U/C and coming to rest facing the way it had come. Speed at impact would be about 100kmh to do this damage, but not smash the aircraft.
The pics might show the initial scene when the recovery team arrived and during the initial recovery stages (removal of the undamaged engine in situ).
Just my guesses! :)


Stig Jarlevik 16th September 2019 18:49

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
Further to SM's thinking, what strikes me is that it all seems to be in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't look like an Absprungplatz to me. No ground support is visible anywhere.

Perhaps a mid-air collision and a force landing close to each other? Pushed together to make the dismantling easier?

It sure looks like some soldiers have arrived to salvage the remains.


robert 16th September 2019 20:27

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
Are they from 3./KG76?

Chris Goss 16th September 2019 21:29

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
I Gruppe is all I know

Adriano Baumgartner 16th September 2019 22:31

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
I do agree with SM...

It is possible for a machine with mechanical problems to shut down the engine on the flare or just before the flare, when the pilot "assured" his landing at "Fencer Garden" (base)...the impeding energy (and probable loss of control after touching down) could have propelled the machine onto parked Dorniers, resulting on kind of accident...

Does the LW-Loss Files (VDM?) do have such kind of damage reported there?

Does the codes can be cross-checked with some crewmembers Flugbuchs?

Chris, the other pictures do give a much clearer Picture of the event than of the first one only...

IT would be amazing to discover the crewmembers and fate (and scare) they passed through...A nice set of pictures, by the way...


Snautzer 16th September 2019 22:33

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
As a side note: tank has its engine cover open so prob. broken down

Chris Goss 16th September 2019 23:20

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
The only codes visible are F1 and one has the code K which is as Robert says it is 3 Staffel means F1+KL. I could not match with the QMG Returns and the chances of FB entries low to zero

ouidjat 17th September 2019 00:08

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
Ham, France, area (Cambrai) Returned from raid over Chartres on 3.Jun.1940. Take-off from Köln-Ostheim. Both machines hit by fighters. 1. and 3. Staffel.
That's the best I can offer ;)

robert 17th September 2019 02:42

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
According to logbooks that I have they did not take off from K-Ostheim on 3.6.40.

Nick Beale 17th September 2019 09:50

Re: A bit of a puzzle?
If it’s not I./KG 76 but the III. Gruppe, then that unit had two aircraft make forced landings near St. Omer on 3 June 1940. The machines of Obltn. Klapsch and Fw. Patrzich, had both been damaged during Unternehmen Paula but of course “near St. Omer” doesn’t necessarily mean “in the same field”.

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