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RudiS 1st May 2017 02:07

Massive dumping on eBay
Apparently seller 100-years-of-history has been busy with his annual spring cleaning in his shop. As a result he dumped hundreds of previously unsold items on eBay Germany & USA.

There is however an easy way if you don’t want to lose precious time scrolling down through this seller’s auctions. I’ll use the German eBay site as an example:
On the right hand corner of your screen, next to the blue FINDEN button, click on “Erweiterte Suche”. (see scan #1)

A new screen appears. Scroll down till you see the square titled “Verkäufer”.
Here you first select “Nur Artikel anzeigen von”.
Then select „Ausschliessen“.
In the empty square next to the above you type (or copy/paste) the seller’s name that you do not want to see any auctions from. (see scan #2).
Scroll down and click on the blue FINDEN button .

Now you want see any of this seller’s auctions. You can add as many seller names provided you separate them by a comma.

Hope this might help.

hucks216 15th May 2017 18:08

Re: Massive dumping on eBay
They have a habit of listing their wares on various auction sites such as Militaria 321. You can also buy the items direct from their website...

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