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Franek Grabowski 15th May 2005 17:27

Re: Credibility of Krivosheev? Rather low, :-(

Originally Posted by Six Nifty .50s
I would encourage anyone to raise questions about statistics, but I think it is unfair to make assumptions that political motives caused someone to intentionally 'cook the books'.

Why? Whole Soviet historiography was done this way.

Marek_W_Pilat 15th May 2005 17:54

Re: Soviet air force losses 1941-1945

Originally Posted by Six Nifty .50s
He was quoting statistics from Grif Sekretnosti Sniat, edited by Colonel-General G. F. Krivosheev. The English translation was retitled, Soviet Casualties and Combat Losses in the Twentieth Century.

Table 95 shows aircraft losses by year, including total losses compared to combat losses. There are separate categories for combat aircraft and other planes used for transport, training, etc. The chart indicates that the total Soviet aircraft losses (all types) was 106,400 of which 46,100 were considered to be combat losses. The losses of 'combat aircraft' (Bombers, Ground-Attack, Fighters) was 88,300 of which 43,100 were identified as combat losses.

Sorry, I'm not so much competent !
Its very interesting, substantiate publication in russian Internet !
Author: Aleksieyenko V.I. - "Sovietskiye VVS nakanune i v gody Velikoy Otechestvennoy Voyny" - 11 tables.
Naturally in russian language !!!
Correct address - not working and automatic changing to other....

Another way :
1- menu left side, to find "Publications" in russian text started similar: "IIyblu..." (in menu - 11 position down)
2- and on the right frame to find second link down with text started similar from : "Cobetckue......"
Best regards

Andy Fletcher 15th May 2005 17:57

Re: Soviet air force losses 1941-1945

Originally Posted by Six Nifty .50s

Does anyone have Finnish estimates of Soviet aircraft downed by their air force and ground defense gunners?

LeR.1, LeR.2, LeR.3, LeR.4 and LeR.5 claimed almost 2000 Soviet a/c in aerial combat during the Winter War and the Continuation War.


Andy Fletcher

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