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Edward L. Hsiao 8th January 2015 00:23

Walter Ibold,DKiG

The only information that I could find about Walter Ibold who won the DKiG as a Luftwaffe fighter pilot was "Kracker Archives". He flew Bf-110s, Me-410s,and Bf-109Gs. He scored at least 25 air-to-air victories. Some of them were four-engined motors. Have you have anymore information about this little known Luftwaffe fighter pilot. Like how many kills Ibold had score while flying twin-engined heavy fighters. When did he won the DKiG?
Hope I get an answer soon. Thank you.


Edward L. Hsiao

Johannes 8th January 2015 11:57

Re: Walter Ibold,DKiG
Hi Edward

25 air to air victories is probably a huge exaggeration, unless he served in Russia, which I doubt as final rank was only Feldwebel.
He was born on 30th September 1921, and died on 24th May 2000.

Four claims(three confirmed by micro films)

13th June 1944 2./ZG 76 B-24 1008 hrs 7000 metres H.S.S Nr.1
2nd July 1944 2./ZG 76 B-17 North of Komorn 1102 hrs 7000 metres Nr.2
19th September 1944 2./JG 76 P-51 Sinsen area 1600nhrs 500-600 metres Nr.3
14th January 1945 14./JG 300 P-51 Stendal/Havelberg Nr.4.

Also I think flew with SG101 and JG 26. Does not seem to have been shot down at any time, unless a more enlightened enthusiast can come up with some details.

Kind Regards


John Manrho 8th January 2015 18:26

Re: Walter Ibold,DKiG
Ibold bellylanded on 19.9.1944.

Peter Kassak 8th January 2015 20:52

Re: Walter Ibold,DKiG
Born 30.9.1921 Essen
died 24.5.2000
units: II./SG 101, 1./ErgZG 1, 8./ZG 76, 2./ZG 76, 2./JG 76, 14./JG 300
6 heavy bombers plus 3 unconfirmed other victories. 60+ missions., 60-70 RVT sorties,
at ZG 76 his R/O was Helmut Schmale
17.12.1944 Fw. Ibold Walter (UNV), 14./JG 300, Bf 109G, FSA nach Lk., Kassel / Bera rail tracks, 100%
1.6.43 Uffz
1.1.45 Fw.
4.5.45 it sais he was Ofw...but also doubtful.

15.6.44 EKII.
17.11.1944 EKI.
15.3.1945 DKiG
11.10.1944 Verwundetenabzeichen i Bronze

I doubt that DKiG...

for his
and the source of above mentioned info ;)

hope it helps...

hucks216 9th January 2015 12:58

Re: Walter Ibold,DKiG
There is no Ibold listed in the Ordensträger as having won the DKiG.

John Manrho 9th January 2015 20:28

Re: Walter Ibold,DKiG
You mean the Veit Scherzer book? That is not complete. But I doubt that Ibold got the DKiG, seems "too" much for his accomplishments....


hucks216 10th January 2015 00:16

Re: Walter Ibold,DKiG

Originally Posted by John Manrho (Post 194578)
You mean the Veit Scherzer book? That is not complete. But I doubt that Ibold got the DKiG, seems "too" much for his accomplishments....


Not the book as such. The Ordensträger uses multiple sources for winners of the RK, Ehrenblattspange, Ehrenpokal, DKiG and so on. One of the sources for the DKiG is Scherzer but it also uses Horst Scheibert and Bernd Gericke (for KM).

Johannes 10th January 2015 10:20

Re: Walter Ibold,DKiG
Hi Peter

List of claims on page twenty-two of your magazine. I have an alternative name for those you have for Uffz Rieber...........Uffz Rupert Küber who was KIA 27th June 1944. W looks like M on the micro films same as R looks like K, also the umlaut in this case could look like an "I".

Kind Regards


Peter Kassak 12th January 2015 21:03

Re: Walter Ibold,DKiG
Johannes thank. I do not know how the microfil writtings look like. It is probable as I do not have other entries for Rieber...So you say it may be the same one...thanks

tonda75 4th July 2021 11:42

Re: Walter Ibold,DKiG
I was looking for information about Fw.Ibold's membership in JG 26, but I didn't find anything.
So is it a change of numbers (printing error) 2./JG 76 and 2./JG 26?
Thank you very much Tony

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