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Iain Torrance 6th May 2010 22:43

New book 'Fury', by Arnaud Gillet
Just to say got the final version of Arnaud's book. Great bit of research and for me the story and conclusions are very credible. Pleased to have assisted Arnaud in a very small way.


Brian 7th May 2010 18:35

Re: New book 'Fury', by Arnaud Gillet
Hi Iain

Tell us more! What is the subject? Is it in French or English?


Chris Goss 7th May 2010 19:15

Re: New book 'Fury', by Arnaud Gillet
I was thinking that-Hawker Fury perhaps?

Peter Cornwell 8th May 2010 07:08

Re: New book 'Fury', by Arnaud Gillet
Fingers out gentlemen. This is Gillet's long-anticipated account of events over Sedan on May 14, 1940, (see TOCH post by Arnaud dated April 3, 2010). We still await Many Souffan's alternative version of events but if this has already been published (possibly in 'Avions' ?) then I apologise for having overlooked the fact.

Chris Goss 8th May 2010 07:52

Re: New book 'Fury', by Arnaud Gillet
Ah that makes things clear which the original posting did not (unless one already knew which Brian & myself & no doubt others did not)

CJE 8th May 2010 11:49

Re: New book 'Fury', by Arnaud Gillet
The "fury's head" (from a famous painting by Michelangelo) was the insignia of one escadrille of GC III/7, involved (after Gillet) in the shooting of friendly aircraft over Sedan on that fateful day.
I'd have rather called it the "spitfire's head", but it could have been still more misleading...

Iain Torrance 8th May 2010 17:30

Re: New book 'Fury', by Arnaud Gillet
My apologies, I should have referred to the subject matter of the book.



Many Souffan 10th May 2010 22:30

Re: New book 'Fury', by Arnaud Gillet

I have finished reading the book of Arnaud Gillet, the title is "La Furie" the Fury. I would like to be in Fury, but I can't so my consternation is deep...

88 pages in format A4, Left page in French, right page in English. The subject, the possible mistake of the French "Groupe de Chasse" GC III/7, the 14th may 1940, which would have been able to shoot down Fairey Battle in place of Hs 126.

Maybe some readers remember the long thread and for some, boring (May 14th 1940 and few little things) where Mr Gillet said, he was sure that 7 pilots of GC III/7 shot down 4 Battle for 4 Hs126 the 14th may 1940.

So, why to write a special issue about this fact? (Without introduction). In this book Arnaud Gillet change a little the story. Now the French Pilots has shot down 3 Battle and a French Bomber: a Leo 451 a twin engined medium bomber with 2 drifts.

Arnaud Gillet had modified some hours to reach to his conclusion, he did some arrangements with the facts, with the translation of the words of 2 German Sergeants and an unknown Officer, the three belonging to the Grossdeutchland Division. When the officer speak about “Messerschmitt 126” Mister Arnaud Gillet write exactly: “which were in fact Fairey Battle”… Without a little “maybe” or a little “possibly”. He is always sure...

Sorry for my silence and my delay about my article (to lose 4 very close persons of your family this last 2 years is not evident for whoever). But be sure Peter, my article will be published in Avions n°177, issue of September with all infos, all documents some photographs and the address of the archives about the loss of Hs 126… Sometimes the truth is more simple then we think...

Sorry again for my bad English.

Peter Cornwell 11th May 2010 09:25

Re: New book 'Fury', by Arnaud Gillet
Thank you Many. I look forward to considering the merits of both cases. My commiserations on your recent losses.

Iain Torrance 15th May 2010 13:04

Re: New book 'Fury', by Arnaud Gillet
I agree with Peter that we must now look forward to the alternative version.

Meantime a few other points from Arnaud's book that are interesting:

Arnaud spotted Hobler in a couple of photos from the phoney war in the IWM 'C Series' (402 & 403) so they must be of 142 Squ - be grateful if anybody can identify some additional faces.

Hobler's plane is now almost certainly (from French records and various photos) P2195 and not P2246 as stated in the ORB. P2195 is definitely the much photograhed wreck at Artaise which finished up at the edge of the road. For those who have a copy of Peter's T&N there is a photo of the wreck at p394, although there is no grave as captioned. The camera angle is just misleading on a fencepost and the top of the ditch.

The issue of timings is interesting. The draft 142 Squ ORB has timings not included in the finished version. But why? We can only hope some log books surface !!

Best regards


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