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Alex Smart 5th May 2020 17:12

16/02/1941 Commando Raid ?
As a result of searching for Sergey's 830 Sqn question I came across the mention of a Commando Raid .

HMS Triumph landed Commandos on the 16/02/1941 near Foggia during the night.

However somewhere I also read that because a Whitley V, T4167 had recently come down in the sea at the mouth of the river Sele, near the pick -up point for the "Colossus" Commando's the rescue submarine Triumph had been cancelled. So it would seem that Triumph had been given another Commando task ?

What were these raids?
Were they part of "Colossus" or something separate ?
What were the targets?
What were the result and fate of the Commandos ?

Many thanks

RSwank 5th May 2020 21:21

Re: 16/02/1941 Commando Raid ?
There is a history of the Triumph here:

No mention of commando operations on 16/02/1941.

Alex Smart 6th May 2020 00:03

Re: 16/02/1941 Commando Raid ?
Hello Rolland,
Thank you for the link.
It does give details of it.
11th February 41 start of the opp.
13th February 41 received instruction to return to Malta.
The Commando's were to be picked up after the 16th Febuary raid .
They were all taken pow, their interpreter an Italian who worked in a British Hotel was executed for treason.
He was a civilian named Fortunato Picchi, a deputy restaurant manager of the Savoy Hotel.

Keep safe

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