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Steve49 6th August 2008 20:47

Missing Fighter Command aircrew in FCL volumes
Whilst looking through the various volumes of Norman Franks FCL I note that a number of pilots are listed as 'missing'.

Does anybody have an idea as to the actual fates of the following missing aircrew:

PO Andrews -19 Sqn -27/6/41
Sgt Barclay -457 Sqn -27/4/42
Lt Barron USAAC - 157 Sqn - 19/11/43
Sgt R.C. Bryson - 111 Sqn - 1/6/42
Lt Burt USAAC - 131 Sqn - 4/9/43
Sgt Cochrane - 74 Sqn - 3/7/41
PO Cowley - 19 Sqn - 27/6/41
PO Dunn - 258 Sqn - 16/6/41
FO D.L. Est - 264 Sqn - 27-28/9/43
Sgt Ford - 602 Sqn - 13/10/41
PO J.D. Ford - 253 Sqn - 23/5/40
FO D.N. Ford - 145 Sqn -23/7/41
Sgt Fox - 234 Sqn - 20/10/41
Sgt Gray - 611 Sqn - 3/7/43
PO Graham - 402 Sqn -27/9/41
PO Hawkins - 64 Sqn -23/2/41
PO B. Hawkins - 245 Sqn - 26/10/41
Sgt R. Hillman - 418 Sqn - 7-8/9/42
PO Holland - 266 Sqn - 27/8/41
Sgt C.H. Howard - 92 Sqn -7/8/41
Sgt Hunter - 603 Sqn - 14/7/41
Sgt Johnson - 65 Sqn - 21/10/41
Sgt Jones - 32 Sqn -11/6/40
PO Jones - 54 Sqn -22/7/41
PO J.F. Knight - 485 Sqn - 21/9/41
PO M. Lepel-Cointet - 616 Sqn - 12/4/43
Sgt W.G. Lockhart - 74 Sqn 6/7/41
Sgt Montgomery - 3 Sqn - 7/11/41
Sgt Murphy - 247 Sqn - 28/8/41
Lt McDonald USAAC - 157 Sqn - 19/11/43
PO Ormond RNZAF - 610 Sqn - 5/3/41
Sgt R.L. Sellers - 616 Sqn - 21/4/41
Mid P.J. Patterson RN - 242 Sqn - 20/8/40
Sgt Poiquier - 341 Sqn -17/8/43
Sgt V.E. Reynolds RCAF - 607 Sqn -2/1/42
Sgt Rowe - 222 Sqn - 30/4/41
Sgt Short - 152 Sqn -24/7/41
F/Sgt H.E.D. Tibby RAF - 418 Sqn -2-3/4/41
Sgt Tucker - 129 Sqn - 21/10/41
PO R. van der Honert - 222 Sqn - 30/4/42
PO Welsh - 154 Sqn - 4/5/42
Sgt K.D. Windsor - 403 Sqn - 20/6/43
F/Lt T.H. Worth - 25 Sqn - 5-6/8/41
Sgt D. Wright - 610 Sqn - 21/8/41
PO Zenker - 501 Sqn - 24/8/40


Steve Pegge

Chris Goss 6th August 2008 22:59

Re: Missing Fighter Command aircrew in FCL volumes
Steve: Suggest you put the names in to the CWGC site

Steve49 7th August 2008 10:40

Re: Missing Fighter Command aircrew in FCL volumes

I've already done that and the list I've posted is of the ones I've not been able to find. I've also worked through the POW lists from TNA (WO 392/7)

Obviously not all war dead are recorded on the CWGC site and most none UK/Commonwealth aircrew are also not on the site. So I though I'd try the forum to try and identify the remainder.



Adriano Baumgartner 7th August 2008 14:05

Re: Missing Fighter Command aircrew in FCL volumes
I quite agree with you Steve!
There are very few NON UK/Commonwealth airmen recorded on the CGWC indeed. Ive tried out some Dutch and Belgium airmen and got no joy...very strange since these airmen flew for the RAF, isnt it?

Steve49 7th August 2008 14:37

Re: Missing Fighter Command aircrew in FCL volumes

It is, especially as in some cases they rest in Commonwealth graveyards. But I guess the remit of the CWGC is limited to solely Commomwealth personnel.



Chris Goss 7th August 2008 18:00

Re: Missing Fighter Command aircrew in FCL volumes
OK. Lets cross check with some publications:

J D Ford-Believed POW
D N Ford-Safe
Sgt Jones-Believed POW
P Zenker-missing
Sgt Rowe-30 Apr 42 not 41. Initials L POW
Van Der Honert-Not lost with 222 Sqn on that date!
Hawkins missing
Sellers-Try Sellars missing
Tibby-Try 1942-missing
M F Andrews POW
J A Short-POW

Chris Goss 7th August 2008 19:33

Re: Missing Fighter Command aircrew in FCL volumes
...and for Hawkins read Norman Howkins-missing!! They should be there if they are casualties-just think laterally!

Ex Shack 7th August 2008 23:25

Re: Missing Fighter Command aircrew in FCL volumes
Hi Adriano and Steve,
The chances are that many non-commonwealth airmen are the responsibility of CWGC. The reason that they do not come on the website is that CWGC seem to have a policy for that website and the criteria for an Airman's details to be available is that he must satisfy one of 2 conditions. He must be a citizen of a Commonwealth country or he must be a non-Commonwealth citizen who is actually enlisted in the RAF or RAFVR.Most non-Commonwealth Airmen were members of their own Air Forces in exile or were enemy Airmen, so that their Graves or Memorials could be the responsibility of CWGC but they are not searchable on the website.Most of us have got into the habit of regarding them simply as Foreign members of the RAF as they flew under the operational orders of the RAF but ,technically, they were non RAF and CWGC makes the distinction even where they are responsible for their graves. 2 names might illustrate this . A Lithuanian Marcinkus served in the RAFVR ,became a POW and was murdered after the Great Escape, His name will come up on CWGC. The Norwegian Hanno Espelid suffered a similar fate, he was a member of the exiled RNoAF. The graves of both are looked after in Poznan Old War Cemetery by Cwgc, but Espelid's name is not on the web site, in accordance with the apparent CWGC policy.
Hope this Helps

Franek Grabowski 8th August 2008 02:33

Re: Missing Fighter Command aircrew in FCL volumes
Zenker was Polish and went missing over the Channel.

Steve49 8th August 2008 14:38

Re: Missing Fighter Command aircrew in FCL volumes

Thanks for your inputs. It has reduced the numbers I've still to identify, but I guess in a number of cases I'll never get a definative answer.



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