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fran 13th March 2007 18:24

Hajo Hermann
I was planning to send a letter to Hajo Hermann, basically to greet him and make some comments to his book 'Eagles Wings' that he may enjoy and find interesting.
Can anybody tell me if he is still healthy in his 90 and prone to reply correspondence? I really admire this gentleman and would not like to bother him in his retirement.

Thank you

Horst Kube 14th March 2007 04:38

Re: Hajo Hermann
Hajo Herrmann, Leostr. 41, D-40545 Düsseldorf.

You can meet and talk to him personally in Speyer 21st of April between 0900 and 1200 am during Flugzeugteile-Veteranen-Börse (next to the Technik-Museum).

Cheers, Horst

fran 14th March 2007 08:50

Re: Hajo Hermann
Thank you Horst,
I would really like to meet him there.


Franek Grabowski 15th March 2007 20:33

Re: Hajo Hermann
Well, I have heard he is quite reluctant to talk his wartime experiences. I hope to be wrong.

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