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Alex Smart 21st December 2020 15:54

Anyone here on ?
Anyone on ?
I have the website but for some reason unknown to me there no longer seems to be a forum ?
The forum was there and I was a member but it does not now appear to be.
Could it be because of my now old equipment of has it been discontinued ?

Tony Kambic 27th December 2020 17:57

Re: Anyone here on ?
Alex, I've been using the site for years, but don't recall a forum on the site. Just info about the aircraft and pilots. I have sent him a number of photos with info over the years. Curtis Fowles runs the site. I have found that it does take time to see updates.


Alex Smart 29th December 2020 00:22

Re: Anyone here on ?
Thanks Tony, maybe he ended the forum ?

All the very best for 2021


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