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Snautzer 16th January 2018 21:04

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
  1. 483 BG Op Frantic/Frantic Joe Poltava AF Base USSR 1944
  2. 410th Bomb Group collection

Faenor 17th January 2018 09:42

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

Originally Posted by Kaiyan (Post 245897)
P2537 was posted in answer to another thread I do have info on he exhibition hurri from my own notes ...

no idea as to real id but it carried Reichlin code 1+4

1+4 Hawker Hurricane Used at E-stelle Rechlin during Jun./Jul.1940.
Hurricane exhibited at Berlin is shown.
The aircraft still wears the Rechlin code 1+4 with the Balken cross overpainted by a British roundel.
Hurricane 1+4 was at Rechlin in June and July 1940 and went later to the DLS collection at Berlin where it
was shown in fake British markings in June 1942

Thanks Kaiyan :-)


Snautzer 17th January 2018 21:03

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
  1. Captured Hurricane strange cammo Africa
  2. Hurricane wreck France
  3. Captured NAA 64

Snautzer 19th January 2018 21:51

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
  1. Captured Wellington code visible
  2. Captured Wellington 25-09-40
  3. Captured Wellington

Kaiyan 20th January 2018 08:58

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
the Wellingtons appear to show two different aircraft the first 2 should be
KX-E L7788 became KX+E maybe mk1a

the last shows KX-T L7842 became KX+T also Mk.1a

Snautzer 20th January 2018 21:34

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Bostn crash Lille

Faenor 21st January 2018 06:40

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Snautzer (Post 246206)

Photo of same plane


Bertrand H 21st January 2018 08:00

Re: eBay: Allied intrest


n88 sqdn, RH-F, Z2231, 19/7/1942


Snautzer 23rd January 2018 12:03

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
  1. Mig3 captured interesting text on fuselage

Snautzer 25th January 2018 12:42

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
  1. Dragon DH 89 Condor legion
  2. RWD-13 (Poland) Condor legion

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