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Kutscha 6th July 2017 06:21

Willi Reschke
Just learned that Willi Reschke has passed.

February 3 1922 - July 5 2017

DDT 6th July 2017 14:55

Re: Willi Reschke
Sad to read that Willi passed away. R.I.P.
Luckely that he had the chance to publish the story about JG 301/302, the unit in which he flew duing WW2.


VtwinVince 7th July 2017 00:44

Re: Willi Reschke
Sorry to hear this, always a very helpful gentleman.

Teresa Maria 12th July 2017 23:31

Re: Willi Reschke
So sad! May he rest in peace...

Melvin Brownless 13th July 2017 20:54

Re: Willi Reschke
I met Willi back in 1995, I was fortunate to have stayed with a bunch of Luftwaffe veterans at a hotel in Cambridge during that years "Flying Legends" at Duxford. A really nice guy indeed. RIP Willi!

knusel 14th July 2017 16:14

Re: Willi Reschke
Really sad news.
He was the first flying ace that I talked to personally.

His book Jagdgeschwader Jg 301/302 'Wilde Sau' is highly recommendable !

Möge er in Frieden ruhen !

Brandenburg, Germany

seesul 17th July 2017 23:14

Re: Willi Reschke
Willi Reschke was buried today.

knusel 20th July 2017 13:28

Re: Willi Reschke
Hello Seesul,

did you attend the ceremony ?


seesul 24th July 2017 01:16

Re: Willi Reschke
I wish I was there but unfortunately not Michael. I was on vacation.
Here are at least some pics from our 3 meetings. Unforgettable moments.

knusel 25th July 2017 21:51

Re: Willi Reschke
Good evening Seesul,

cool photos.
In which language did you speak to each other ?

Best greetings from rainy Brandenburg,


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