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Erik Mombeeck 28th March 2011 15:55

JG 5 vol. 4 and Lu/Ga #2
Dear friends and enthusiasts,

It is with great pleasure and no little sense of relief that I am able to announce the publication of the fourth and final volume of my history of JG 5. Relief because the research for this comprehensive Jagdgeschwader chronicle has been on-going for well over twenty years. The results speak for themselves; around 1,200 pages of text and approximately 1,300 photos published, hundreds of first person accounts transcribed and documents assembled fom the contributions of nearly 400 former members of the Geschwader who survived, or their families in the case of those that lost their lives in the Far North, Russia, Germany or France. This final volume covers the last year of the war and features 300 mostly unseen photos and personal accounts in the original German language, along with victory and loss lists, the names of all commanding officers and a full index both of names and photos for all four volumes.

At the same time I am also publishing volume two in our Luftwaffe Gallery series (English text). If you enjoyed our first pictorial monograph then I am sure you will find much to delight and interest in this second book.

More details from our website at

Of course ordering both volumes together will enable considerable savings in postage costs.

With friendly regards


Tom Semenza 29th March 2011 18:39

Re: JG 5 vol. 4 and Lu/Ga #2

Well done! I just received a copy of Band 3 the other day and look forward to getting the final volume.

Many thanks for your terrific research efforts.

Best regards,
Tom Semenza

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