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Jochen Prien 16th January 2020 22:38

JFV Vol. 13/V

Jörg Rogge has informed me, that JFV Vol. 13/V will be out in February (this year); it will comprise 484 pages and 212 + photos, covering JGs 7, 11, 26, 27, 53 and 54 as well as JGr. 10.

At the same time JFV Vol. 13/VI is also finished and will go to the printer before the end of the month. It will have appr. 300 pages and 150 + photos, covering JGs 76, 77, 300, 301, 302 as well as the parts of JG 5 fighting against the western allies from Norway. The miscellaneous units - Ergänzungs- and training units etc. - will be dealt with in an extra volume after the main series has been completed.

Next will be Vol. 14, service in the MTO in 1944, which is almost finished. As of now it will be a single volume comprising some 500 pages and 300 + photos.

The team has found a very important and effective addition - beginning with Vol. 13/V Ulf Balke will be an official member of the JFV team. He has accompanied the series from the very beginning and his input has been essential in many ways so far. We are very happy to have Ulf on board.

Will keep you posted.


Jochen Prien

Nokose 17th January 2020 00:29

Re: JFV Vol. 13/V
This is great news as this volume is the one that I have been waiting on. Also this means that JFV 15 will hopefully be starting soon for the Eastern Front.

MW Giles 22nd January 2020 10:42

Re: JFV Vol. 13/V
I got the impression (cannot remember where) that you would also be covering the Me163 and Me262 units in this volume (13 I-VI), other than JG7. Are they going to be covered?

I ask out of interest, it will not stop me buying either way.


edwest2 22nd January 2020 17:09

Re: JFV Vol. 13/V
Contents for Volume 13/V.

Jochen Prien 28th February 2020 16:37

Re: JFV Vol. 13/V

as of today JFV 13/V is out - Jörg Rogge just made it within February. JFV 13/VI, the last volume to deal with the events over the Reich and in the West is in the making, with as yet no specific date of publication. I will keep you posted.


Jochen Prien

Del Davis 6th May 2020 19:30

Re: JFV Vol. 13/V
Is there any progress? or are things pretty much locked down because of COVID 19?

Rottler 27th May 2020 13:28

Re: JFV Vol. 13/V
Hello Del Davis,

the JFV Vol. 13/V is published. I have it ordered directly from the publisher (Rogge GmbH, Eichblatt 12, D-23701 Eutin) and it was promptly delivered.


Del Davis 27th May 2020 23:58

Re: JFV Vol. 13/V
To clarify I was asking about 13/VI. I have 13/V on order but it has yet to arrive from Germany and perhaps it has not even shipped

Nokose 31st March 2021 04:44

Re: JFV Vol. 13/V
I just got this book from Christian-Schmidt in Germany, which took over two months to arrive because of pandemic mailing requirements. The book was very impressive and the pictures were sharp and great quality. The claims listed for III/JG 7 were very interesting and so were the ones for IV/JG 54.

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