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Del Davis 9th June 2020 22:22

JFV Vol. 13/VI
When can we expect to see publication of this next volume?

Rottler 30th June 2020 13:55

Re: JFV Vol. 13/VI
Hello Del Davis,

the publising house Rogge has informed me that JFV Vol. 13/VI (300 pages, 175 photos, price 68 €) will be out in July 2020.


edwest2 9th July 2020 17:18

Re: JFV Vol. 13/VI
content of Volume 13/VI:

Die Tagjagdverbände in der Reichsverteidigung und im Westen (Fortsetzung)
Stab/Jagdgeschwader 76
I./Jagdgeschwader 76 - Verweis -
III./Jagdgeschwader 76 - Verweis -
Stab/Jagdgeschwader 77
I./Jagdgewschwader 77
II./Jagdgeschwader 77
III./Jagdgeschwader 77
Jagdgruppe 200
Stab/Jagdgeschwader 300
I./Jagdgeschwader 300
II./Jagdgeschwader 300
III./Jagdgeschwader 300
IV./ Jagdgeschwader 300
Stab/Jagdgeschwader 301
I./Jagdgeschwader 301
II./Jagdgeschwader 301
III./Jagdgeschwader 301
IV./Jagdgeschwader 301
Stab/Jagdgeschwader 302
I./Jagdgeschwader 302 - Verweis -
II./Jagdgeschwader 302
III./Jagdgeschwader 302
Stab/Jagdgeschwader 400
I./Jagdgeschwader 400
II./Jagdgeschwader 400
ErgSt.//Jagdgeschwader 400
Jagdstaffel Erla
Erprobungskommando 262
Die Tagjagdverbände in Norwegen im Abwehreinsatz gegen die Westalliierten
Einsatz über der Westküste Norwegens
Stab/Jagdgeschwader 5
III./Jagdgeschwader 5
IV./Jagdgeschwader 5
13. (Z)/Jagdgeschwader 5
Anhang - Änderungen und Ergänzungen zu Teilen 1 bis 13/V
With 165 pictures.

Usual disclaimer,

BRinder 10th July 2020 00:04

Re: JFV Vol. 13/VI
Sorry this is slightly off the main subject, but has anyone gotten a response from Christian Schmidt`s of late ? Have tried for month now with no response. Am trying to order 13/V.

Russell 10th July 2020 02:17

Re: JFV Vol. 13/VI

I have no trouble with messages to and from Christian Schmidt, but I know a colleague who has, whether that is because he is in America, or that I don't send messages via the web site, I just e mail direct, I do not know. But Gabi is in business, its a shame the German postal service is not functioning to Australia, its about 80 dollars US for the postage of one book at the moment. I am wondering what to do when 13/VI comes out!.


Col Bruggy 10th July 2020 04:32

Re: JFV Vol. 13/VI

You could try one of these alternate delivery services:

A friend used "Shipito", successfully (about two years ago). Unfortunately, I have lost touch with him since the closure of Hyland's. Enter Shipito on Google.


RalphZimmer 10th July 2020 08:49

Re: JFV Vol. 13/VI

Originally Posted by BRinder (Post 291846)
Sorry this is slightly off the main subject, but has anyone gotten a response from Christian Schmidt`s of late ? Have tried for month now with no response. Am trying to order 13/V.

Hello! They are still sending books but the URL of the shop changed to "". Perhaps this is the reason? Regards Ralph

Jochen Prien 16th July 2020 23:03

I may now inform you, that JFV 13/VI, the final part of the coverage of Luftwaffe fighter operations over the Reich and the West in 1944, has now been released. It comprises 300 pages and covers Stab/JG 76, Stab, I., II. and III./JG 77, JGr. 200, Stab, I., II., III. and IV./JG 300, Stab, I., II., III. and IV./JG 301, Stab, I., II. and III./JG 302, Stab, I. and II./JG 400, Jasta Erla and EKdo. 262 as well as Stab, III., IV. and 13(Z)/JG 5 fighting against the Western allies. The addendum contains additions, corrections and several photos complementing the earlier volumes. There are in all some 180 photos.

I hope you will enjoy it.


Jochen Prien

John Manrho 16th July 2020 23:21

Re: JFV 13/VI
It is already on my desk....and enjoying it as always....

Nokose 22nd December 2020 07:17

Re: JFV 13/VI
Can anyone that has bought JFV 13/VI advise how many claims were made by Erpobungskommando 262. I am interested if those same claims were carried over into JG 7.

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