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AndyMa 4th February 2021 13:23

USAF strike location codes
Some Northrop F-89Js were struck (code TL) from the 148th Fighter Group at Duluth with the disposal destination given variously as FAAMP and AAMP.
Does anyone have any idea what this code might be referring to please?

Leendert 5th February 2021 18:34

Re: USAF strike location codes
No idea if abbreviations used in F-89 times, but now AAMP is short for Ageing Aircraft Management Plan/Program or Aircraft Asset Management Program.

May have (had) something to do with the boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona?


AndyMa 6th February 2021 14:17

Re: USAF strike location codes
Thanks for the suggestion. Sadly none of the aircraft involved ever went to Davis_Monthan.
There has been a suggestion that it might refer to the Federal Aviation Administration, with MP being the program name or a location.

RSwank 6th February 2021 16:41

Re: USAF strike location codes
Just off the wall, but there are a couple of publications regarding lighting strikes on aircraft done by NASA and by the FAA.

Original Publication:

A subsequent release:

Both of these studies refer to using wing(s) from F-89J for experiments. Search for F-89J in either documents.

So perhaps the fate of the planes was some FAA test facility to be used in experiments such as these.

AndyMa 7th February 2021 13:53

Re: USAF strike location codes
Thanks, will take a look.

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