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SteveR 8th April 2021 02:53

A Question About JFV 13
I know I'm late to the party but I'm finally going to start purchasing some of the JFV series, beginning with Teil 13 (as it covers my current interests).

My question is this: Are the claims and losses for 1944 (for the areas covered by Teil 13) all in one volume (such as 13/VI) or in multiple volumes, perhaps by date (maybe 13/II and 13/III) or by unit (maybe 13/IV, 13/V, and 13/VI)?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can let me know, the answer will help me determine which volume(s) to purchase first.

Frank Olynyk 8th April 2021 06:02

Re: A Question About JFV 13

Teil 13/I and Teil 13/II basically give an overview of the German response to all the daylight four-engine bomber raids on Germany from 8th and 15th Air Forces. Teil 13/III covers the German response to the sweeps and twin engine bomber raids on Western Europe (France, Belgium Netherlands). These are basically statistical; for each Gruppe or Staffel, aircraft and aircrew availability, total sorties, aircraft and aircrew losses, etc. No details of claims or losses.
Teil 13/IV, V, and VI are organized by Jagdgeschwader, giving details of organization (bases, commanders, ToE, reporting structure), and details of claims and losses for individuals. Teil 13/IV covers JG 1 through 6, for those components based in Western Europe. Teil 13/V covers JG 7, JGr 10 (=EKdp 25), JG 11, JG 26, JG 27, JG 53, JG 54. Teil 13/VI covers JG 76, JG 77, Jgr 200, JG 300, JG 301, JG 302, and JG 400, EK 262, and those parts of JG 5 based in Norway conducting operations in the West.

If all you want is details of the individual claims and losses, then you want parts IV, V and VI. But without parts I, II and III you will be missing much of the background to the operations of 1944 in the West. All six parts are now in print. All volumes are hardback, no dj, printed on quality coated stock paper with excellent photo reproduction. Part VI is 300 pages, all the others are 500 pages or more.



SteveR 8th April 2021 06:40

Re: A Question About JFV 13
Thank you very much!

I plan to get them all eventually but since I'd like to stay married I won't be picking them all up at once. Your response was just what I was looking for to help me decide in which order to purchase them.

Thanks again!

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