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CJE 23rd September 2014 20:18

Two (stupid) questions
Hello Jochen,

What's the difference between "verletzt" and "verwundet" in your loss lists?
Do you mean that in the first case the pilot could fly again and in the second he couldn't before some time?

I need some help to find IV./JG 1 in Teil 10.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


Jochen Prien 23rd September 2014 23:24

Re: Two (stupid) questions
Dear Chris,

very simple - verwundet means that the injury was the result of enemy action whereas verletzt was the result of an accident, a crash landing etc.

You will find IV./JG 1 in JFV 10/II, p 50 - it started the year as IV./JG 1 and was renamed I./JG 1 as of April 1st, 1943. It is therefore as usual dealt with under the designation it had at the end of the year.



CJE 24th September 2014 08:22

Re: Two (stupid) questions
Thanks for your quick answer.


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