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Snautzer 28th September 2017 13:47

eBay: Emblems

ouidjat 28th September 2017 16:16

Re: eBay: Emblems
Surprising; a new emblem? Late? Early?

sidney 28th September 2017 21:10

Re: eBay: Emblems
A 3.(H)/13 emblem this is not. Simply the Luftwaffe eagle with swastika to suggest a Luftwaffe unit. I attach the 3.(H)/13 emblem - not sure whether there was another one.

edwest2 29th September 2017 00:34

Re: eBay: Emblems
Here is the emblem for 3.(H)/13

Snautzer 2nd October 2017 13:46

Re: eBay: Emblems

Snautzer 5th October 2017 12:27

Re: eBay: Emblems
II./ LG 2 , Staffelfahne

Evgeny Velichko 6th October 2017 00:23

Re: eBay: Emblems
LOL, guess who is near Druschel during Polish Campaign?

Snautzer 6th October 2017 11:52

Re: eBay: Emblems

Snautzer 15th October 2017 15:24

Re: eBay: Emblems

Snautzer 16th October 2017 22:28

Re: eBay: Emblems
Me110 1000th feindflug
Fi156 Nahaufklärer 6.(H) 32.Pz
Hs126 6.(H) 32.Pz
Hs126 6.(H) 32.Pz

Series of pictures of 6.(H) 32.Pz Nahaufklärer

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