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paulmcmillan 30th January 2018 13:50

US Naval loss Oct 2nd 1930
From (with additions)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Friday, October 03, 1930
NORFOLK, Va., Oct. 3.
Lieut (jg) William Allison Watson, 26 years old (born 16 Nov 1903 Savannah, Tenn) a naval flyer attached to the aircraft squadron of the scouting fleet temporarily stationed here, was killed yesterday in a plane craft plane after it had cracked up during: a power dive. It struck the waters of Chesapeake Bay. His companion. Chief Aviation pilot Marion Johnson Simpson (21 Aug 1902 to 9 Jan 1958 ), saved himself by leaping with his parachute, landing in the water where he was forced to swim for more than an hour before being picked up by a seaplane. For some reason undetermined Lieut. Watson did not jump as the plane went to pieces while diving. It is thought possible the accident in mid air caught Watson in a position from which he was unable to extricate himself before the ship struck the water. The plane, a land observation ship fitted with two cockpits, was traveling at a terrific pace downward as part of a bombing test when it collapsed. A salvage party, consisting of the aircraft tender Teal (USS Teal AM-23) and flying boats, recovered the body after a brief search, a short time before Simpson was hauled in, exhausted and thoroughly chilled by his long swim but otherwise uninjured. Lieut. Watson was a native of Tennessee and unmarried. He was graduated from the Naval Academy in 1926.

Can anyone please identify the type of plane involved and serial number, and confirm if Lieut. Watson was piloting ?



twocee 30th January 2018 20:21

Re: US Naval loss Oct 2nd 1930
This was Vought O2U-1, A-7927, of VS-7S. The right wing failed at 7,000' in a dive bombing run. Simpson, the passenger, was thrown clear but Watson crashed with the aircraft.

paulmcmillan 30th January 2018 21:28

Re: US Naval loss Oct 2nd 1930
George thanks as always...

I had missed this one on my list until today !


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