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Theodor 11th March 2009 08:20

Cardboard drop tank
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Hi guys! Can you please help me with identification - what is this drop tank? I mean, from what aircraft? It is made of cardboard, painted silver outside. On the back end has /had/ two horizontal fins, made of cardboard too, with wooden structure inside those fins. There is no wood inside the tank itself, only light metal fittings.

So far, I believe it is from a Russian Mig /15... 17.../. The USAAF also had paper drop tanks during the war /for P51 and P47/, but the shape was different and had no fins, as far as I know. What about the Germans? I have heard, they also made experiments with paper tanks, but what was the shape?

So, can you identify it, what is this one? Thanks!

Pilot 11th March 2009 14:27

Re: Cardboard drop tank
Look also as drop tank from Mosquito.

lingodog 11th March 2009 18:13

Re: Cardboard drop tank

Originally Posted by Pilot (Post 82895)
Look also as drop tank from Mosquito.

But with fins?

Pilot 11th March 2009 21:19

Re: Cardboard drop tank
I did not spot fins in first moment. It is in very bad state but it look tht it is fit to the bottom wing surface. Just look, not sure.

jjzzshen 1st July 2009 04:50

That is one cool projection clock!
This clock projects the time, date, or temp on the wall or ceiling some people call
it a ceiling clock but I call it a digital projection clock. I got the black one because at the time that was the only color
they had. But now they have them in black and also in white.

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