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Alex Smart 11th July 2005 23:51

P47 & Pilot losses of the 332nd FG
This question may have been placed on site before but cannot recall when.

How many P47's were lost to the 332nd FG and what were names of pilots , how many KIA who were they, What became of the POW's and who were they ?.

I know Johnson and Tresville were both KIA but which P47 were they in ?

I also know of Brown and Maples survived the war exPOW's but again which P47 were they in ?



HGabor 13th July 2005 20:11

Re: P47 & Pilot losses of the 332nd FG
Hi Alex,

I hope this 332.FG 'POW' list helps a bit. The 332. FG used the P-47D Thunderbolt only in May-June, 1944, - in July they switched to the better P-51B/C/D:

Griffin William, lt. 332FG/Luft I, VIIA Rome, Italy 15-Jan-44
Iles, George lt. 332FG/Stalag VII A Munich, Bavaria 25-Feb-44
Brown, Harold lt 332FG/Stalag VII A Linz, Austria 04-Mar-44
Morgan, Woodrow lt. 332FG/Luft III, VII Rome Italy 26-May-44
Hatchcock, Lloyd lt. 332FG/Luft III, VII A Rome, Italy Jun-44
Smith, Lewis Cpt. 99sq./Stalag Luft III Florence, Italy 08-Jun-44
Thompson, Floyd lt. 99sq./Luft III, VIIA Froli, Italy 29-Jun-44
Brown, Gene lt 301sq./Luft I Udine/Treviso, Italy 18-Jul-44
Carroll, Alfred lt. 332FG/Luft I Linz, Austria 25-Jul-44
Penn, Sterling lt. 301sq./Luft I, VIIA Linz, Austria 25-Jul-44
Williams, Charles lt. 332FG/Luft III, VIIA Yugoslavia 30-Jul-44
Daniels jr., Robert Cpt.332FG/Luft III, VII A Toulon, France 12-Aug-44
Macon, Richard 332FG/Luft II, VIIA Montpelier, France 12-Aug-44
Wise, Henry lt. 332FG/Luft I Ploesti / Bulgaria 26-Aug-44
Long, Wilbur lt. 332FG/Luft III, VIIA Blechhammer, Poland 13-Sep-44
Williams, Kenneth .I 332FG/Luft III, VII Athens, Greece 04-Oct-44
Lewis, Joe lt 332FG/Stalag VIIA Athens, Greece 06-Oct-44
Woods, Carroll lt. 100sq./Stalag VII A Athens, Greece 06-Oct-44
Smith, Luther lt. 302sq./Hospital, 18A Spittal, Austria 13-Oct-44
McCreary, Walter lt. 100sq./Luft III, VII A Somogybabod, Hungary 12-Oct-44
Gaitner, Robert lt. 99sq./Stalag VII A Mor, Hungary 19-Nov-44
Gould, Cornelius lt. 301sq./Luft 1, VII A Slovakia 02-Dec-44
Gorham, Alfred lt. 301sq./Luft III,VII A Munich, Germany Feb-45
Golden, Newman lt. 302sq./Stalag VII A Alps (Linz) 20-Mar-45
Hudson, Lincoln lt. 332FG/Luft III, VII A Tropau, Czechloslavakia 23-Mar-45
Driver, Clarence lt. 332FG/Stalag VII A Danube River, Austria 25-Mar-45
McDaniel, Armour Cpt. 301sq./Luft VIII Berlin 31-Mar-45
White, Hugh lt. 332FG/Luft III, VIIA Verona, Italy 04-Apr-45
Gaines jr., Thurston lt 302sq./Stalag VII A Nuremberg, Germany 15-Apr-45
Jefferson, Alexander lt.332FG/Luft III, VIIA Toulon, France 12 Aug. 44
Bolden, Edgar lt. 302sq./ L.uft I Linz, Austria ?
Brantley, Charles FO 100sq./Stalag VII A Mooseburg, Bavaria ?

P-47D (combat) losses of the 332. FG in 1944:

S/N: Date: Location: MACR:

42-74971 44.05.29. Italy 6921
42-75824 44.06.07. Italy 5639
42-75800 44.06.09. Italy 5758
42-74973 44.06.14. Italy 6922
42-75798 44.06.22. Italy 6079
42-26812 44.06.22. Mediterr. 6078
42-75830 44.06.26. Adriatic 7062
42-75958 44.06.26. Adriatic (Yugoslavia) 7061


Alex Smart 13th July 2005 21:45

Re: P47 & Pilot losses of the 332nd FG
Hi Gabor,

Thanks, that is more than I had hoped for.

great stuff


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