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Fanair 2nd August 2020 13:52

Tower of skulls
I intent to buy Tower of skulls by Richard Frank, do you know if aerial operations specially in China are covered in this book ?

thank you


bearoutwest 2nd August 2020 15:37

Re: Tower of skulls

Have you tried a google-search for the book preview? The first 3 chapters are there; and appear to be mainly covering the ground campaigns in general together with the geopolitical considerations of the day. The Battle of Shanghai - chapter 2 - is covered quite sparingly (i.e. not in great detail). I've ordered the book too - but for the overall coverage, but hope to be pleasantly surprised. (OK, I'm an optimist at heart.) I suspect that there are other books in my library which cover the specific campaigns - land and air; but quite often they are location specific.

Google-books link of the preview for your convenience:


Fanair 2nd August 2020 16:39

Re: Tower of skulls
Thank you very much it seems an interesting book like Guadalcanal and Rétribution
Kind regards

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