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esc201faem 11th May 2020 18:59

No pictures of B-26 Susy-Q @ Midway?
Good Morning
Has anyone found a picture of Martin B-26 "Suzy-Q" 40-1391 that participated in the Battle of Midway.

She belonged to the 18th Recon Squadron (M) of the 22th Bomb Group and was flown by 1st Lt. James P. Muri and his crew on 4 June 1942, and I am a frustrated that there are no photos of her after her mission only segments with the crew. (there are photos of VT-8 Avenger and one of the F4F of VMF-221).

Even the book Midway Bravery by Dennis Gaub has no complete photo of "Suzy-Q" ,its been reported the aircraft did not return to the USA it was dumped in the water at Midway and reportedly Lt. Muri took a bunch of photos of his battle damage to Washington to show the top brass.

And where are these artist getting their information to paint "Suzy-Q"

The Battle of Midway is a frustration concerning finding pictures of aircraft during the battle even Mr. Ford film ,probably was edited and who knows how much film was thrown away or cut for the final copy for the american public.

and very few pictures have surfaced in the past.

Thanks in advance and be safe

RSwank 12th May 2020 14:00

Re: No pictures of B-26 Susy-Q @ Midway?
As you know there are some paintings of Susie-Q flying over the Japanese carrier.

Also here, (click picture to enlarge):

A different painting:

This is an interview with the pilot Muri, which includes a photo of him in his living room sitting in front of one of those paintings. (So perhaps the artist consulted with Muri about the painting.)

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