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Chris Goss 2nd January 2008 10:01

Fw Werner Anrascheck
According to ther QMG's returns, the above was lost on an operational flight 17 Apr 43 in a FW 190 A-5, Wk Nr 7245, possibly White B of 5/SKG 10. However, the German War Graves have no record of him on their site whilst there is apparently no NVM for him. Can anyone confirm any other source that shows this NCO was reported missing on this night?

RT 4th January 2008 13:29

Re: Fw Werner Anrascheck
Hello Chris,

More questions than answers, I note that day many other losses Klahn, Setzer, Bechtsold, hv you more about them ?? Why the 17.april, GQM quote the ??


Chris Goss 4th January 2008 14:05

Re: Fw Werner Anrascheck
Remi: I know all about the others (POW; Klahn killed) and they took off just before midnight on 16 April hence he would have probably been lost early 17 April. I Gruppe also lost a number on 16 April preparing for this attack (Trenn & Schwaiger)

RT 4th January 2008 22:48

Re: Fw Werner Anrascheck
So next to read you...

Chris Goss 19th July 2008 11:52

Re: Fw Werner Anrascheck
An was Fw Werner Andrascheck and his unit was recorded as being 9/KG 101 but he was lost on ops over UK 16-17 Apr 43 in FW 190 A-5, 7245. I thought there was no such unit as 9/KG 101......?

RT 19th July 2008 13:46

Re: Fw Werner Anrascheck
Looks like SG101/JG101, some "ergänzung" unit for KG/SKG maybe KSG1/101...

Andy Fletcher 19th July 2008 13:58

Re: Fw Werner Anrascheck
III./KG 101 was a training unit based at Cognac providing instruction in fast bomber tactics, but I think Chris is alluding to the fact that there is some doubt about if 9./KG 101 was ever formed.

Source: Bomber Units of the Lw Vol II

Andreas Brekken 19th July 2008 18:00

Re: Fw Werner Anrascheck

Could he have been 'mistakingly' recorded as a II./S.K.G.10 pilot because he flew operations with them that night, but still was part of the III./K.G.101 Personalmässig?

Loss record:

There are multiple losses for FW 190's of the III./K.G.101 in the same time period, but under Schulen & Sonstige of course. Maybe an idea to check for NVM's for the other pilots listed to see if the 9. Staffel occur there?

Lol.... only one other pilot...

Andreas B

Brian Bines 19th July 2008 18:50

Re: Fw Werner Anrascheck
According to K report 260/1943 all SKG10 replacement pilots were drawn from ''4th.Erg.Staffel(Jabo)'' based at Cognac, later renamed ''Erg. Staffel/SKG10'' is this corect or is it misinformation. If correct would this staffel have operated under control of KG101.

Andy Fletcher 19th July 2008 19:15

Re: Fw Werner Anrascheck
Hi Brian,

01Jul43 8./KG 101 (Cognac) was re-designated Erg.Sta.(Nacht)./SKG 10

III./KG 101 had Ju 88, FW 190A-2/A-3/A-5 and Ju 87D on strength and as stated above trained crews in low altitude attacks so the report is near the mark.

Best Regards

Andy Fletcher

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