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Tom Semenza 22nd June 2022 02:04

FAA claim
According to David Hobbs in The Fleet Air Arm in the War in Europe a Do 18 shadowing Home Fleet's Force M was shot down by Fulmars in early Sept. 1941. The details are vague but this seems to have occurred on the 4th or 5th of that month. The Fulmars had to have been from 809 NAS off HMS Victorious.

Can anyone provide any more details on this claim?


keith A 22nd June 2022 09:13

Re: FAA claim
The victory is also in "Send her Victorious" but no more details except I have it was claimed on the 3rd.



Chris Goss 22nd June 2022 10:27

Re: FAA claim
Do 18 G from 3./906 then

Tom Semenza 22nd June 2022 17:50

Re: FAA claim
Thanks Keith & Chris. It seems that the details of many FAA claims will be shrouded in the mists of time.


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