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Steve Smith 3rd July 2022 22:10

Attack on RAF Chedburgh

On October 12th 1943 RAF Chedburgh was 'attacked' by a single aircraft at 21:12 hours. Three craters were discovered on the airfield and three nearby houses damaged. Can anyone tell me who was operating on this night over Suffolk.

Thank you.


Andy Mitchell 3rd July 2022 22:45

Re: Attack on RAF Chedburgh

Bowyer on page 287 of "Air Raid" has the following -

"A raider being chased was ever likely to jettison its load, as happened over Chedburgh at 21.17 on 12 October. Five HEs were dropped when Flight Lieutenant Allan of 68 Squadron in a Beaufighter fired at the enemy which unloaded fourteen 50 Kg SCs at Whepstead, damaging five houses. The bomber escaped - only to be again engaged by Flying Officer Boyle, in a Mosquito of 151 Squadron (Coltishall Detachment) who shot the aircraft (likely to have been of III./KG 6) into the Wash."

However, The Blitz Then and Now V3 does not mention a loss on 12 Oct 1943.

Chris Goss 5th July 2022 16:04

Re: Attack on RAF Chedburgh
I can see no loss for any unit 12-13 Oct 43 and Boyle claimed an Me 410 and I can see no losses by V./KG 2. This sort of attack does fit V./KG 2's MO though

Nick Beale 7th July 2022 18:40

Re: Attack on RAF Chedburgh
From TNA HW 13/37:
German naval authorities based on the Dutch Coast advised units under their command that 4 aircraft of unspecified type would cross the coast in the HOOK area at 140 - 2000, returning 2115 - 2130 South of the HAGUE.

1 aircraft dropped bombs near BURY ST. EDMUNDS shortly after dusk and was shot down. This was the only machine to cross the coast of this country. A single aircraft of III KG 6 was heard in W/T at 2206-2219, but was fixed in 05 E. 6255 and had probably notcrossed the enemy coast.
Times are British Summer Time.

Peter Taghon’s KG 6 history says that four Ju 88 S-1 of II./KG 6 set out for London, two turned back early while one from the 7. Staffel was hit by a fighter. Two of the crew bailed out but the pilot regained control and brought the machine home.

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