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yattering 30th January 2018 20:31

Radar Poznań/ Posen
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What is this?
Any id about photo file?

edwest2 3rd February 2018 22:25

Re: Radar Poznań/ Posen
Contact Telefunken directly with your information:

Scroll to the bottom and select "other products" under Please Select Product Category.

yattering 5th February 2018 11:40

Re: Radar Poznań/ Posen
We are very sorry, but we cannot answer your question.

The former company TELEFUNKEN, which was the developer and producer of these products, stopped its business activity completely years ago.

We are the owner of the brand TELEFUNKEN, but have no access to the old archives and have no information about their existence.

That`s the reason why we cannot provide you with requested information or can support you with spare parts, schematics or manuals.

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