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nikkel 5th October 2017 20:41

Uffz. Werner Trümpener

Can anyone provide details of the loss of Uffz. Werner Trümpener who was killed on the 23 August 1944?

Werner Trümpener ruht auf der Kriegsgräberstätte in Fort-de-Malmaison.
Endgrablage: Block 7 Reihe 36 Grab 1423

Thanks Mike

Matti Salonen 15th October 2017 18:28

Re: Uffz. Werner Trümpener
1944-08-24, 6./KG 6, Ju 88 A-4, Saint-Quentin
Flugzeugführer Uffz Trümpener, Werner, +
Beobachter Uffz Bäcker, Rudolf, +
Bordfunker Ogfr Siebert, Heinrich, +
Bordschütze Uffz Mau, Walter, +
Unbekannt. Bruch ? %.


MontanaZH 1st February 2018 21:13

Re: Uffz. Werner Trümpener
Hello Mike

I have around 50 letters from Uffz. Werner Trümpener. He sent these to his girlfriend named Gerda-Maria Philipp in Potsdam from around 1941 to 1943.

Maybe you're interested in some scans of a few letters in which he describes his life as a pilot at WWII.

Best Regards,

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