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bakerman 29th October 2017 18:14

Kurt Dahlmann (KC+OL) 1918-2017
Major Kurt Dahlmann died on 29-8-17, aged 99.
He was decorated with the Knights Cross (11-6-44) and the Oak Leaves (24-1-45) for successful leading the Fw 190 ground attack unit I./SKG 10, renamed NSGr. 20, against Britain and on the Western Front.
1956 he joined the new Luftwaffe, but 1958 he emigrated to South Africa to work as a journalist.

Chris Goss 29th October 2017 18:40

Re: Kurt Dahlmann (KC+OL) 1918-2017
Sad news. He was a most interesting if not controversial man who had been ill for some time

VtwinVince 29th October 2017 20:11

Re: Kurt Dahlmann (KC+OL) 1918-2017
RIP. One of the last Eichenlaubtraeger.

Teresa Maria 31st October 2017 13:16

Re: Kurt Dahlmann (KC+OL) 1918-2017
Very sad news. May he rest in peace.

Edward L. Hsiao 4th November 2017 08:04

Re: Kurt Dahlmann (KC+OL) 1918-2017
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I knew that Kurt Dahlmann was suffering from heart attacks and other weakness in his body. Yet he lived a long life on Earth for 99 years. I was hopping that he would make 100 years but that isn't so. Those who fought during World War II are passing away one by one. Trying to make 100 years of living on Earth is still a rare thing. May Kurt Dahlmann find peace in Heaven!


Edward L. Hsiao

Edward L. Hsiao 16th May 2018 06:00

Re: Kurt Dahlmann (KC+OL) 1918-2017
I wonder if Kurt Dahlmann flew planes in South Africa even while as a journalist. Maybe carrying a gun for self protection.

Edward L. Hsiao

Bookman 17th May 2018 00:44

Re: Kurt Dahlmann (KC+OL) 1918-2017
Mr. Dahlman was able to fly a wee bit, but uncertain if his age/health permitted licenced piloting. A JG. 27 vet living there, who flew gliders had met him, and safely we can think they flew together. Mr. Eder did fly (unlicensed) during a visit there with his friend Ben, who shot him down decades before. Similarly, Mr. Rudorffer flew licensed in Australia, as did Mr. Schoenert in Canada. (a real Bush flyer). Mr. Thyben flew P-47's in Columbia, and dear Mr. Drewes flew in Brazil, first a FW weihe, which is preserved in a museum there.
Armed? most probably not.

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