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Re: SeenotSt.6 Losses 1-11-1943

My Sources for the French Production at SNCAN is:
Report dated 12. December 1944 by Lieut. M.A. Moit, USMC on the Production of Dornier Do 24 Flying Boat in France. This report include a "Tableau CLE des immatriculations d'appareils Do 24 suivant". This list include the internal W.Nr. by SNCAN and the corresponding RLM W.Nr.
1-2 991-992
3-12 1001-1010
13-17 1031-1035
18-27 1056-1065
28-32 1071-1075
33-40 1101-1108
41-47 1131-1137
48-57 1151-1160
Unfortunately the are not listed.
The second main Source is the KTB's of Gen.d.Lw.b.Ob.d.M./O.Qu
monthly from september 1939 up to June 1944.

In addition to the book by Wijngaarden and Staal, there is another book containing an Aviolanda production list "Verkennen en Bewaken, Dornier Do 24K vliegbooten van de Marineluchtwaartdienst" by N. Gweldhof, s'Gravenhage 1979. Both books contain a number of clear errors.

Finally, the in the series CM+IA to CM+IZ was used on the RLM W.Nr. 0035 to 0060, all produced by Aviolanda. I have no knowledge from contemporary documents about the internal W.Nr. apparently used by Aviolanda, or if this was made up by somebody decades ago.
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