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Re: AAF AT-7/C-45 loss - Greenland - 5 Jan 1943

Hello Leendert,
The report in the second link says that 5 men died, but those were the rescuers I think(?)
The 5 men on the C53b were never found.
The Cambridge American Cemetery Tablets of the Missing has them -
Their date of death is given as 30th November,1942(?).
They were -
Captain. Homer C. McDowell Jr - O-383628
2Lt. William L.Springer - O-790099
S/Sgt. Eugene L. Manahan - 16015496.
Cpl. William W. Everett Jr - 13043466.
Cpl. Thurman Johannessen - 18057650.
The a/c was with the 29Sqn of the 8th Ferry Group.
MACR 15896 has on Fold3, only two pages, the first with the number and the second has the names.
For the other accidents perhaps Craig at AAIR could supply copies of any accident reports on the a/c involved .

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