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Re: AAF AT-7/C-45 loss - Greenland - 5 Jan 1943

Thanks Roland,
The date is a year out I know, but it seems to be the only fatal C45/AT7 crash noted anywhere.
I just wonder if the take off and crash date was 1942 and a typo some years later when the typed report was made the 42 became 43 ?
Otherwise the crash would fit in the time frame.
Also the crew were MIA's and date of death is given as 28th November 1943. Surly it should be 28th November 1942 ? See Captain Elmer E. Slaten O-496293 1st Resque Squadron, in AMBC.
If we take the t/o date as 20th November 42, then a/c sighted date as 20th December 42, then resque/recovery team reaching the wreck on the 28th December 42. Then maybe the crew were recovered on the 5th January, 43 ?
Date of death almost a year+ 1 day.
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