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Re: Death of W/C Lance Wade

Hello all.

It seems I come too late. Sorry.

It was able to me to have From PMA (Personnel Management Agency of RAF) a copy of the military file of Lance C. Wade with the help of his brother Oran Wade.

It is in this document that I read for the first time the Spitifire Mk V JK 603

There were also one letter in the family From an american officer who was there this 12 juanary 1944. which related the end of this great Pilot.

I give you the end of my article about the last moments of Lance Wade, forgive me for my bad English and translation.

Lance Wade flies his last mission on November 7. Three days later, he ispromoted to Wing Commander and join the forward headquarters of Desert Air Force. He does his job, he flies from time to time, he is able to keep his personal plane a Saiman. The Man is appreciated for what he is and for his views. It is proposed for the DSO, On January 12, 1944, he took off on the Spitfire Mk V JK603, for Almendola for a “Lunch Party” given by the American officers of the 57th FG. The meal is gargantuan, the wine is flowing, there are women from the Red Cross.
Colonel Salisbury the commanding officer of 57th FG has become a good friend of Lance Wade since their first meeting. At each encounter, invariably, always with a smile, Salisbury offers him to join his unit. This 12 juanary 1944, the American commander commander gets up paint a laudatory portrait of Lance Wade, the latter is blushing. In front of the guests, Salisbury reiterates his proposal not without humor. Lance Wade refuse for the umpteenth time, and raise his glass to the assembly in token of thanks. A quite a lot glasses will follow…
For dessert, after a coffee and a cigarette, "Wildcat Wade" interrupts the conversation to say that he has to go ; he has a meeting in thirty minutes. He apologizes for going in hiding, but several of the guests want to accompany him to his brand new Spitfire. He climbs into his kite, weaves his way through other planes present, and takes off. His companions quietly turn back to the "Party" when they hear the peculiar sound of the Merlin engine coming back towards them. Indeed the plane is rather at low altitude, passes over them, it seems that Lance Wade is trying to roll over, halfway through it, the plane collapses, crashes, ans flames. The man who wanted to die after a good dogfight misses his exit. The military cemetery of Termoli, in this January 15, is filled first of all its unit, pilots and mechanics, of the 244 Wing of all VIP of the Desert Air Force, Lance left his generous mark on those who have known him. Ten days later, the London Gazette announced its DSO for war not posthumously.

Thank you.
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