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Re: Wellington downed by flak ship 40 km SW of Texel, 6/7 May 1941

1941 Part 2 by John Foreman which I am told is not the most accurate source has the following:
Wellington R1443 of 304 Sqn was shot down by flak during a raid on Le Harve 6/7 may 41

6 may 41 21 and 110 Sqns each sent 6 Blenheims to attack shipping in the North sea both units attacked ships. 21 Sqn lost Z5875 Sgt Fitzgerald and crew while 110 Sqn lost R3600 F/L Steele and crew. One was shot down by Ltn Knoch of E/ ZG 76 the other was downed by flak. It could be the flak may have been from a ship. The planes did attack shipping. German convoys were usually escorted by converted trawlers VP or patrol craft or M minesweeper
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