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Re: S/Nos for Rogozarski IK-3 flown by Milisav Semiz Apr 1941

Originally Posted by PMoz99 View Post
Hello all.
In early April 1941 when Germany attacked Yugoslavia, there were 12 IK-3's allocated to the 51st FG. AFAIK the serials were 2151-2162.
Only 6 of those were serviceable. On another forum, a member said Nos 2 and 3 were in for repair. I can only assume, if this is correct, that they were 2152 and 2153.
If any of the above info is incorrect, please feel free to correct me.
Can anyone tell me which serial(s) were flown by Semiz in combat?
Also, again AFAIK, the only markings they carried were the serial number in smallish numbers on the fuselage near the tail, with a smaller br. code on the rudder. Can anyone confirm what markings they would have carried in early April?

You may want to reach out to the forum member who started this thread:

as he is writing a book on this very aircraft due out shortly.
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