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Re: Police Records of aviation related activity in WW2

No such luck in East Sussex
This from The Keep
I am afraid that all crashed aircraft report cards are closed to the public for 100 years under the Data Protection Act. However, East and West Sussex flying bomb report cards: all parishes; are open to the public. The reports, on 'crashed aircraft' cards on flying bombs, give date and time of the incident, location and map reference, whether British, allied or enemy, type and condition of machine, number of people killed, seriously injured, slightly injured or unhurt and a narrative description of the incident. They are arranged in alphabetical order of parish, borough or urban district and then in chronological order within each parish; although the cards cover both East and West Sussex they do not cover the county boroughs, Jun 1944 – Mar 1945 (ref SPA 1/1/4).
You are welcome to visit The Keep to look at these documents.
I've questioned if these are Police Reports but told
I do not know of Chris Goss, Pat Burgess or Andy Saunders or what information they may hold on crashed aircraft in East Sussex. I can only repeat wat I included in my previous reply. The only other source we hold that is available to the public are the Chronological schedule of air raid incidents (ARI 1-2552), 1940-1945 (ref SPA 1/1/15). They are recorded in a tabular form and give time of incident, parish, number and type of bombs and crashed aircraft, number of casualties and other remarks, Jan 1941 - Dec 1943, annual statistics classified by county borough, borough, urban district and rural district, with numbers of casualties and bombs of different types, 1940-1944, 1940-1945.
I'm interested in one incident in August 1944 concerning a Tempest loss, but I'm not travelling to Brighton f there's nothing I can obtain.

Does the Data Protection Act apply?
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