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Re: Errata on Bodenplatte


The Officer Commanding No.268 Squadron of No.35(Recce) Wing at Gilze-Rijen on 1 January 1945 was Squadron Leader A.S. Mann DFC, not Squadron Leader C.T.P. Stephenson DFC. S/L Stephenson DFC was slated to take command in late January 1945, but took over command early on 17 January 1945 when S/L Mann DFC was taken ill suddenly with appendicitis. The confusion about who was in command comes about most times because S/L Stephenson DFC signed off the Squadron's ORBs for the month as Officer Commanding - but the Squadron ORBs do record the change of command on the 17th. S/L Mann DFC has provided me his own eye witness account of the day's events which has been used in the Squadron History - ADJIDAUMO.


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