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Re: Errata on Bodenplatte

Originally Posted by John Manrho
Hello Sergio,

thanks. I also think Errata sheets should be done more often. We also see Nick Beale doing it on his site. Indeed publishers most of the time have a website, but I think it is up to the authors!


Hi John,
I wholeheartetly agree with you. If we all research until we are 100 % sure, we will never publish anything on a Luftwaffe subject. I "borrowed" Nick's idea on my WEB-site. And went one step further. I made parts of my incomplete database public. And I have had hundreds of responses, corrections and comments. In this way my research have progressed more in the last 2 years than it did over the last 20. And having an Errata page is in my opinion a fair service to my customers. But as you said it is an author and not a publisher issue.
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