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Thumbs up Re: I want a separate Merrick: 'Luftwaffe camouflage and markings 1933-1945 forum'. Pls?

Hi Andreas,

I agree with the view that a decent critique of these two books is in order. I have been a 'student' of Luftwaffe camouflage and markings for over 30 years and feel that in many ways (largely because of some interpretations - not uncovered new data) that they mark a step backward in our understanding. This is primarily because the author has found it necessary to fit data into a particular theory (ie. RLN 61 and 62 become RLM 81 and 82). I could go into considerable detail about this and other assertions made in the books.

If you want another appalling misidentification: Vol 2 page 360, the aircraft claimed to be an Avia F39 (Fokker FIXM) is actually an ex Austrian Airforce Caproni Ca 133!


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