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Introducing Myself

Hello all, thought it only proper to introduce myself.

I've lurked around here for 8-10 years (honestly can't remember when I first found this site) but only recently registered.

My interest in the aerial aspects of WW II began when i was a kid in the mid-70s, fed by books, models, and war games.

Over the years I've managed to build up what I think is a decently sized library on the subject, including many works by authors I've seen on this forum over the years (Messers. Shores, Olynyk, Goss, Cull, Prien, Mombeek, and Boiten to name a few).

My interest has only grown over the years, as has my respect for the men of all nations who took to the air to fight for their countries, families, and friends. I continue reading about the air war simply to learn more and because I write scenarios for historical miniatures games and want to be as accurate as possible when I do so (I refuse to make things up or guess).

I'll be asking some questions and when I can I also hope to be able to help others with answers to their questions.
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