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Re: Fw 190D Part III?

H Hello

Thanks for these words they comfort us to keep on our researches .

News about Volume III? Well....

Anyone who bought volume II, saw the cover of part III, Fw 190D-9, black 17 of I./JG26, depicted page 480.

We are working currently on it; some chapters are more advanced than other ones.

We are still looking for some documents to complete chapters.

We get a certain number, if not a lot, of new pictures, that need to be in depth analysed, we need to do the camouflage drawings, the detail description and so on. Some are done but some not as they came to us few days ago.

I understand you were expecting a release date, but the sole information that I can give you is that the book will not be issued in 2008.

Do not forget that writing books is not our main occupation , we all work in companies, sometime in very time-consuming jobs, and we try to save any free time to work for the book project . But sometime it is difficult.

We learn, from Part I and Part II that we cannot, issue more than a book every 2 years to keep the level of quality we want to achieve, respecting in that way our readers. Thus we cannot skip certain steps in the project

This is what can I say about part III.

Warmest Regards

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